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Ice Ice Baby

  • kentona
  • 05/31/2023 09:34 PM
I am in love with the ice palette I built from the palette Avee provided for me.

Still working towards creating animations, but my work has slowed down a bit this past month. Kids' activities have mostly wrapped up and so I don't have that quick hour multiple times a week to work on the game while they are swimming/waterpoloing/soccering/etc. Yardwork is also ramping up (we are reseeding the lawn and building a patio), and WORK is ramping up. This cuts down on the time I dedicate to this remaster, as it is a lower priority in my life (relatively). Sorry, heroes!

I am unreasonably proud of this ice sheet (geddit? "ice" sheet? It works on so many levels (two)!)

One of the first things I worked on after the last blog was a puff/explosion animation. This took WAY too much time for me to do.

But it will look pretty cool both on it's own, and coming out of the fissure. Also, I realized that if I rotated it sideways and recoloured, I had a decent "breath" attack.

Coming in oranges, purples, and greens flavours soon!

I made a quick mini-skull. I guess it's like, a skull bomb? idk.

On the "darkness" kick, I also made some little ghosties. I have plans for other dark/ethereal magics, but haven't gotten to them yet.

I know I have to make some item animations, I tried my hand at a few scroll designs.

I tried making another ice boulder, too.

an ice boulder the size of a large boulder (actual size vs. zoomed in)

Anyway, back to the palette.

I recoloured the awesome ice animations that visitorsfromdreams made for me in the new ice palette.

Anyway, that the whole of what I accomplished this month (pretty much).


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Oh, I guess I also putzed around on a couple more sparkles and orbs

why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
avee made this? i made this

love the puff though, nice and chunky
The ice is looking (n)ice! I think the scrolls are my favorite sprites from this post. The more decrepit, moldy one is very aesthetically pleasing. I admit to definitely wanting to explode things with the skeleton bomb though!
The toiletpapee roll like one? Huh.

Also don't be too impressed by the top 2 scrolls. Their base is practically traced from the SNES Aladdin game. I am not a good spriter (yet)
My friends always get mad when I turn the fourth scroll around. They get really mad when I leave it sitting on top of the roll.
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