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The original game that people can't stop talking about (because I won't let them)! You can play this game now, for free! Released back in 2009, Hero's Realm was a fulfillment of a boyhood dream of mine. To my pleasant surprise, other people quite enjoyed playing it as well!

"I'm really loving this game and the old school feel. Balance feels perfect thus far."

"A cohort of mine today said that this game was better than DQ4."

"The best I've seen outside of the work from the Exit Fate dude is a game called Hero's Realm. It's a Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy 5, 3, & 1 hybrid that combines the adventuring of and party customization of DQ3 and the story progression of DQ4. The class system is modeled after FF 5. I can't go back to the originals after playing that game. It's that good."
-Krhyme Assassyn


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God Bless Kenton Anderson, AKA Kentona, Hero's Realm is a free SNES game you can play on your PC, with high enough quality to be rated higher than modern console games. Each chapter before Chapter 5 begins with the respective chapter's main character recruiting three friends to help them in their adventures. Each character created by you, the player is either male or female, and identifies as one of 12 character classes. Kenton Anderson did an almost perfect job on Hero's Realm, in terms of story telling, music and replayability. The game's replayability, light-hearted atmosphere and imaginitive world building all make it a perfect homage to the old 16-bit video games of the Super Nintendo.

If you want a perfect game you won't find it anywhere, but you have Hero's Realm, and that's CLOSE.
Thank you for the kind words! A SNES-era RPG is what I was shooting for because, as you know, everything was at its very best when I was an impressionable youth.
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