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Mockup: a battle against 3 new enemies with Holdana. Background is just a real image with saturation and pixelated.
  • kentona
  • Added: 07/14/2017 10:01 PM
  • Last updated: 09/29/2023 01:51 PM


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Looking really good!
Looks really nice so far. So happy to see this game coming back, it's been one of my favorite games in the rpg maker series!
Thanks! High praise, indeed!
The only issue I have with the monsters is how dark their shading is. There's lots of details there and they all kind of blend in together with the dark colours. Nothing a little lightening with colours couldn't fix though.

Otherwise, it looks fantabulous!
The sprites all look great!
There is no shadow under the beaver rat
There is no shadow under the beaver rat

There was no shadow under the wolfdog either. I added it for the mockup.

I wasn't sure about the rodent's shadow, so I didn't edit it.
Not to nitpick the sprites all look great, and I like the direction you're going with the real images as a background, but it seems a little out of sync with the sprites. Sort of as if they were in front of a green screen, they don't seem to connect with the imagery
Those bear men look pretty grizzly, literally and figuratively. Well done.
The battle background is just a place holder. I am hoping to have some actual ones made once we settle on a palette.
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