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Ash, or was it snow?
Makes little difference now.
An age of madness is upon us.
What does it matter, in the edges of the world?
Words that cannot be spoken... Must not be spoken...
Buried forever alongside the ashes of time...

A short RPG project intended to test custom scripts. The objective of the game is simple: explore the dungeon, find the treasure. The catch being, the dungeon is semi-randomly generated, events may be affected by time, and that grinding may not help as much in this situation. What would one do to reach this goal?

Features (mostly) original artwork by XKandDF and soundtracks made with Music Studio 2.0 iOS app.

Download file: RTP not required. RGSS104E.dll included.

Latest Blog

100 download, concept arts, and such, not quite update

So yeah, it's been a few months since the first release and we've reached 100 download. That's a milestone I suppose.

Anyways... As mentioned before, this game is mainly a "test project" for the main Hadefall project. I have been working with Hadefall concept for quite a long time, during which the main story changed at least twice and eventually shortened to Ashen Notes just to get something out (and because I got bored of making assets -_-). Since Ashen Notes sort of worked out alright, I suppose it would be feasible to move up the tier and get to the main Hadefall story/game, which would be somewhat bigger in scope (at least more than 2 map tileset maybe).

Oh and for those interested. I have a gallery folder in my DeviantArt profile dedicated to the project.
Here's a link: https://xkanddf.deviantart.com/gallery/44233193/Hadefall
Though I don't have all of my concepts up here, since it's a hassle uploading everything, and other reasons...

Then again, progress would be extremely slow, since 1)motivation problem and 2)really busy work and 3)needless distractions in life such as video games. Don't get your hopes up, though likely the next time I update (probably in two months or so the earliest -_-|||) I might have something solid to show off...

In the mean time...
Yeah Inktober! Hopefully I can do the full thing this time. I post everything on my DA page. Doing mostly concept arts this time around.

Aside from the Hadefall Project, I've also been involved in the Faded Haven project of Phoenix Dream Group.
Here's the link: https://phoenix--dream.deviantart.com/
if interested :3
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  • 07/04/2017 11:03 PM
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