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Ash, or was it snow?
Makes little difference now.
An age of madness is upon us.
What does it matter, in the edges of the world?
Words that cannot be spoken... Must not be spoken...
Buried forever alongside the ashes of time...

A short RPG project intended to test custom scripts. The objective of the game is simple: explore the dungeon, find the treasure. The catch being, the dungeon is semi-randomly generated, events may be affected by time, and that grinding may not help as much in this situation. What would one do to reach this goal?

Features (mostly) original artwork by XKandDF and soundtracks made with Music Studio 2.0 iOS app.

Download file: RTP not required. RGSS104E.dll included.

Latest Blog

Update 2017-7-7

First update. and I thought I'm done with it for good.

So, it started with wanting to make a fake game-over, then with the discovery of a random immortality bug, and then...

Well it's a nice experience for an experiment, at least.

For the most recent update, I've added an "undead mode". This mode can be added at the start of a new game. With this mode active, upon game-over, the player would be teleported back to tavern and would be allowed to continue the game, however at the cost of a few days in time.

The original mode and the old saves from previous version are still playable and saves can be copied directly to the new folder.

Also... hopefully the bosses won't spam buffs as often this time around.

That's it for now :)

Edit: still actively play testing and please report any bugs found, thanks a bunch!
Also...due to an oversight, one dialogue in early/mid game that is supposedly based on favor points is now entirely random (unless you've been talking to ppl a lot I suppose)... might patch that up eventually (or not since it's barely noticeable).
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  • XKandDF
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  • 07/04/2017 11:03 PM
  • 07/07/2017 04:40 AM
  • 06/17/2017
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