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Plot overview
You're Roberta, part of the thieves guild that calls the royal capital of the Sangreyan Principality their home. There are rumors among the top elements of the sangreyan underworld about an item of unimaginable value that was gifted to the crown prince. As the most skilled thief of the guild, you're sent to infiltrate the the royal palace and attempt to steal this precious artifact. But in the midst of your mission, trouble brews in the royal palace. Will you be able to execute the heist of your lifetime? Or will you end up killed by the royal guard? There's no honor among thieves, even less among murderers.

Game overview
In this game you will have to infiltrate a guarded castle and attempt to steal a valuable artifact for your guild. Stealth will be your ally, as you dash from cover to cover in order to avoid the royal guards' patrols. A variety of items will help you in luring guards away from their posts or aid you in escaping an alarmed guard. You're not a killer, so killing guards is out of the question, will you be able to prevail and successfully pull off the heist you've been assigned?

-A castle with multiple infiltration options
-Enemy line of sight that you have to avoid by hiding behind cover or being far away enough.
-A simple climbing mechanic that will allow you to access potential vantage points.

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I was not disclosed you had made a game page for this
I was not disclosed you had made a game page for this

I do not feel guilty for not disclosing this.
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