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Equipment Plans. Weapons, Crafting, Augments, Progress Report #1.

  • boos405
  • 06/10/2019 06:27 PM
The Plan, New Goal, Health

So the last three days I've been working on Mechanic Plans for this new game. My goal is not to end up just copying the original into MV, but I want new mechanical and gameplay changes that I think are beneficial and good.

For this reason I've been working on the Plan. The Plan will likely include story decisions as well, whether they remain the same or change, and eventually I'll be working on the dialogue in all the cutscenes, which I have decided to aim on improving upon as well.

For now, I can say I am definitely sticking on this Plan for all the mechanics in the game.

Progress is happening, but slowly each day, as I'm spending a bit of time thinking ahead on what may be good/may not be good and questioning to myself my decisions.

The Plan may also be subject to change once I start implementing the ideas into the engine, though it's a good starting point for me to achieve this new goal of mine mentioned above.

As I said, health comes first for me. Today has mostly been a good day so I'd Planned some things and luckily the last two days I had a few hours when I could add to the Plan.

Progress Report #1

So, for now I've been thinking mainly about all the equipment the characters will gain in the game. In the original, this wasn't an option since there was no customizing equipment, but it's definitely going to be in the 1st remake.

Equipment Plans

For every 3 dungeons in the game, there will be options to buy 3 different equipment sets per character.

Each character has there own weapon. So it's about 3 same weapons types to choose from per character (5 playable characters) and 3 equipment sets per 3 dungeons.

All 3 types will give slightly different effects, as well as bonus effects, making each one have pro's and con's. The player would benefit from any of them, but can choose which ones they'd like

After that, the next 3 dungeons will give a new 3 different equipment types that are stronger, and this repeats for all 12 dungeons planned in the game. (The last 2 being extra content).

As an example that's not been finalized.
Rohan can purchase a Power Starter Dagger Weapon Type (& Equipment Type) that increase his ATK (3) for less MATK (1).
Rohan can then choose to put on Power Starter Gloves Equipment Type, that also increases ATK (1) and lowers MATK further (0). MATK is not lowered with negative numbers, but by lacking less from the other two options of Equipment Types.
Rohan can then further put on more Power Starter Equipment Types, if he puts on a 3rd he might get a bonus effect of +10% Hit Rate.
Rohan may then put on a Magic Wooden Dagger Weapon Type on his 2nd Weapon Slot and increase his MATK by (3). (ATK, 1).
Now he's almost got an equal amount of ATK and MATK.
But a 2nd Power Starter Dagger and a Power Starter Robe will give him a bonus passive effect of Sharper Daggers, allowing him to have a charge attack skill resulting in good crazier damage output! Although he'd now lack in MATK and MDEF, so be careful!

I like this Plan so far, and while most characters can wield two weapons, I'll make sure to balance the two characters that can't out too.

I've checked different possible scenarios of this against stats and balancing, and I think this definitely fits well in the game.

Which brings me to the next stuff I've been planning out, crafting.

Crafting Plans

It took me a lot of time to think how I could implement crafting into the game successfully.

I decided to go with enemies dropping rewards that allows you to craft your own weapons and equipment.

As long as I can do this right, no extra grinding beyond the good encountering rate will be required to craft some weapons and equipment, but fighting a couple more monsters in each dungeon, which remains optional, will help the player be able to craft at least one full set, if the player wants that.

Crafting is optional, but gives you almost the exact same weapons types and equipment types you can buy at the time, just with a slight more bonus effect. They will also each increase stats slightly further.

I will somehow make sure the player gets enough material. In all three dungeons before swapping over, the enemies will drop the same crafting materials. I'm not certain how I'll handle everything here yet, but I think regular "realistic" material drops will become items to sell in a shop for extra gold, and story-related materials (maybe Monster Dust, Monster Mixer, Monster Scroll as an example) will be the ones used for crafting.

I think that's rewarding enough and, if there would be such a word, I'd call this both "mild-crafting" and "experimenting" which I'm Planning to put in the game.

Equipment Types

The Equipment Types in the game are following

1. Weapon
2. Weapon (Shield instead for Owen and Ivory)
3. Head
4. Body
5. Hands
6. Feet
7. Accessory (Does not have bonus stats from equipment types)
8. Accessory (Does not have bonus stats from equipment types)
9. Ring (Incredibly powerful, also no bonus stats from equipment types)
10. Ring (Incredibly powerful, also no bonus stats from equipment types)

I'll talk more about Accessories and Rings in another Progress Report.

Augments (Cards, Book, Orbs)

As part of the Planning, I want to use some of Yanfly Plugins to help improve the gameplay.

So the last additonal weapon equiptment feature for this progress report, I've been planning out the idea to have Augments attached to Weapons.

Now, this will be handled slightly different between characters who have duel wield and characters that don't.

The characters that have duel wield will have slightly less % boost from what you can attach then the ones who do, because they will use different clones, with Owen for example who can only equip one weapon, he will have a slightly higher % boost by using a single cloned augment.

I am planning to give the clones augments an extra name ontop, so they don't appear like duplicates, and I'm planning to keep all augments having to be found from treasure chests and interacting (yes, the new version of Chained World MV will have these features too).

You can't sell them and you can't buy them basically, and they do just what they do in Yanfly's video of the plugin "Attachable Augments".

The slots will be
1. Card (For attaching an % chance to inflict status effect with normal attacks & skills).
2. Book (For attaching an % chance to add element with normal attacks & skills).
3. Orb (For attaching a slight stat boost).
4. Orb (For attaching another slight stat boost).

They can be used once per Weapon. Some Augments are rarer than others and may have different unusual effects from what's said above.

I.e. Berserk Card adds Berserk to the character instead of an attack status effect against the enemy. (As an example, The Plan Berserk characters have many of there skills sealed, except physical TP attacks, but they deal 10% more attack damage and TP increases at a 60% faster rate.).

Last Thoughts

My final thoughts are, when I get to the stage where I mapped out and put on-screen encounters on the first two dungeons and I playtest this, if I feel it's actually too complex, keeping in mind I'm the developer and know more too, then I may scrap one or more of these feature.

Crafting and Augments or just Augments/Crafting may possibly change.

At the core, this is a RPG Maker MV RTP dungeon crawler, so I want to improve upon it for the gameplay to be more enjoyable than the previous version. At the same time I don't want it to feel too much to cope with, so the Plan is a Plan for that reason.

It's definitely not too complex for me to handle, it's a matter of is it too complex in playtesting.

We will see how it goes.

Since the Equipment Plans have a lot of features in them, other aspects of gameplay will be simpler and revolve around making these Plans work well.

Plan Completion

Plan is now 8% complete. 18% drafted out. (I've done some more stuff such as listed out some skillsets possibilities and the classes, but haven't made final Plan decisions yet).