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Ok.... unexcepted things just happened but it's ok.

  • boos405
  • 11/21/2020 08:00 PM
I had to go through some things with new nurses and the new doctor, medicine and stuff. They've been really supportive and helpful I think given it some time I can actually make a game now.

My ideas are still everywhere I have so many of them but I like them all, so instead of going around in circles I'll take some more time thinking about what to do I can do something so I can do what I can do, I can just pick a good one and go with that if I have to it will get sorted out soon maybe I will go back to Chained World after all. VX Ace or MZ or I could try one of the other ideas. We'll see. I THINK this time something will happen. I bought the Time Fantasy resources and a couple of other from RPG Maker Web but I like RTP stuff usually so we'll see. It's going to happen the remake of Chained Worlds, it may be soon or else another game will be soon. See you then. :)