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Sunny is many things, but the two most important things that she is in her life, is a wife to a beautiful woman that loves her with all of her heart, and a story teller. Sunny's foster family may have loved and accepted her for who she is, but that doesn't mean that anyone did. Jade is Sunny's hero, though she may not specifically say it, so it only makes sense that Jade would be the hero of Sunny's stories. Sunny's tales cast Jade into a Bohemian mix of motley characters, including an Army private, Sunny's favorite pop star, and a mysterious secret agent that Sunny claims to have met long ago. Regardless of the setting, these characters are always the same.

Going away from my usual effort to create quirky gameplay, this is a fairly straightforward dungeon crawler, although, there may be one or two quirky mechanics here and there.

Here are the characters I created that play in this game.




Peter Periwinkle

Agent Orange


Unfortunately, I couldn't find a spot for Colonel Crimson.

Latest Blog

Name Change and Download!

A World of Jade has been changed to Dream of Jade.

Also, I've managed to come up with a download. As I tested, the game had a lot of strange bugs. One of the weirdest ones was a passability issue with tiles that were set to proper passability. Characters could not walk behind trees over plain grass. Thankfully, it was only on a few maps. I didn't change anything. I just relaid the tiles, and now they work fine. Any way, this should all be playable and I'm confident I've gotten rid of everything game breaking.

Download will be up very shortly. I'm just waiting for it to upload.
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  • 07/06/2017 12:07 AM
  • 07/16/2017 04:50 PM
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