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I will write good review! I am the Hero!

  • pianotm
  • 08/09/2017 07:10 PM
Name: Lobster Quest/Faxanadog Deluxe

Developer: Sooz

Not sure what Lobster Quest was made for, but Faxanadog was made for RMN B'DAY.

Disclaimer: I have not played a current version of Lobster Quest, so while I will be describing both games, rating will be for Faxanadog.

Story: It is a very heroic story! So many hats missing! The hero is needed to save the day! In Lobster Quest, it's not just any hat! Oh no! It's Lobster King's crown! You have to find it! You are the hero!

Yeah, that sounds about right. I love it when games focus on historical accuracy.

Writing: This game doesn't need writing! It is about the Hero! The Hero has many dogs and lobsters to help! He must find many hats! Oh no! Lot's of interactive objects to distract the Hero with lots of exploring! Lobster Queen's unmentionables! Awful wet towels! Surfing heroes! A princess and an heroic necromancer (that totes need their own game, or comic, or both)!

A dog that doesn't like baths or getting wet...surfs. Seems legit.

Gameplay: Find the hats! The hats will run around and will be hard to catch but you can do it. You are the Hero! The only object is to find the hats. In Lobster Quest, it is a single level, but in Faxanadog, there are three dogs that will send you to find hats. Each time you find a hat, talk to the next dog and a new level will open up. There are many, many things to see. They will distract you and make you look at everything, but they are only a distraction! Do not get distracted! You must find the hats! You are a good Hero!

Graphics: Lobster Quest uses RTP (yes, it's obviously RTP.). Faxanadog, however uses graphics in the 8-bit style that I assume are custom, and they look fantastic!

Music: Lobster Quest shamelessly rips off famous music, most notably the Star Wars theme. Faxanadog, I don't recognize much of it's music, but it's all very 8-bit sounding and was probably from other 8-bit era games. It all very much fits the tone!

Congraturation this story is happy end!

Errors: The version of Lobster Quest I played has a few minor errors, most notably one staircase must be accessed with the action button while others can simply be walked on. Since I haven't played a current version, I don't know if this is really relevant anymore.

Conclusion: These games are exactly what they were intended to be; spoofs of classic gaming, complete with bad Engrish-style translations. They both convey classic gaming perfectly. These games are ostensibly exploration games where there is really nothing to do in each level except look at everything and collect a single item to complete the level. The real charm of these games is the character portrayal, which is seen through interacting with absolutely everything. The game leaves you wanting more, which is what, in my opinion, is what a good is supposed to do. Don't fret about the lacking gameplay. That's not really the point of the game.


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They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
Thank you very much for the kind review!

The music in Faxanadog is from Faxanadu, as are the title card (with alterations), the font, and the concept of a society living in a tree. The rest is 100% pure Sooz, baby! :V
Reading this review is happiness. Much hero.
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