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Name: Traveler
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Puzzle Solving, Supernatural
Version: 1.4
Rating: Teen-Adult

Traveler is a horror story driven game made with RPG maker VX.
Due the nature of story driven aspect, expect long naration and gameplay.

Welcome to Blue View, an old Modified inn located somewhere on the ouskirt of Japan. Flying petals, the sound of crowd, and friendly atmosphere used to welcome its guests. Everything is about to change for the better or worse tonight. You are just a tool of the game.

Take up the role of a Mysterious Stranger and head off into the center of Malice that surrounds Blue View. Remember, you are anything but fragile... One small mistake and it'll cost everything.

Descent into its mysteries and find the truth you are looking for. Horror is just another obstacle to slow your discovery. Don't be discouraged by its massive scale. In the end, you will see it was all fragments of beauty.

• Lots of puzzle yet simple
• Massive number of areas to explore (Expect backtracking)
• Various optional dialogues
5 to 9 hours of Gameplay time (Including Cutscenes)
• Endings
• Unlockable encyclopedia
• Secrets.
Chase scenes
• Different hints upon gameover
• Low on cheap jumpscares (Just about 3 or 4 the entire game)

This is originally an "Autorun Game/Movie" I made back in 2010 for RPG maker forum in my country with objective to make it long but still with reasonable size. Some months after its release (which didn't fare well), I decided to scrap everything and make it playable because seems like people interest in this type of "game" are rare. After years of lazy development... here it is.

-The game contains harsh language and adult contents. Viewer discretion is advised.
-Most items will be used automatically upon reaching the right trigger, these items have half opacity. Items with full opacity can be used manually.
-You cannot access Menu during a chase.
-Use headphone for greater effect as some sounds will serve as cue. And don't blast the volume too much, horror doesn't have to be loud.
-The game will offer you the basic overall story. The choice to uncover the rest of it is yours and you may skip it altogether if you wish.
-Cheap deaths also exist in the game, although they aren't more than 5 and you will only find them mostly on the beginning chapters. Let's just say they serve as welcoming committee.
-If you're into short horror game, I'm afraid this game isn't for you because there will be a lot of talking and exploring and cutscenes.
-My english isn't perfect, so please forgive me if you find any typos or grammar mistakes. (Translating this was 7 layers of hell, believe it.)
-When the word "Auto" appears on the screen, please don't press anything as it will fast forward the text and probably screw the event timing (I have no clue how to solve this, sorry).
-This game heavily relies on BulletXT's tool and mapping script.
-And also please feel free to report any "bugs" you find. This game is nowhere near from perfect.

Latest Blog

Fixing And Difficulty

Version 1.4 is up and nothing major happens in this version. I'll list some changes in this version below, you don't have to read it if you haven't played the game but go ahead...

The rest I haven't yet fully fix mostly are grammar... since it's way too long and time consuming (if you've played the game you'll know what I'm talking about), I'll probably fix the little ones only in the future.

For those who've already downloaded the game can opt to get the rgss2a file instead of full game. If you already have V 1.3c, don't bother downloading again since the changes aren't that many.

List of changes in version 1.4
-Some typo and grammar fixes
-Added 3 more save points in key location
-Fix bad camera angle upon 1st entering Malice Quarter
-Some save points now won't disappear upon triggering key scenes
-Fix 1st Corpse Eater chase scene in which you can bypass them completely
-Fix some misplaced graphical switches
-Added sound cue in Blue Room Corridor

-K's ending now can be switched by talking to Dark K again.

I also added updated version of Walkthrough in RAR version 1.4.
This Walkthrough will detail most of optionals you can find as well as some other tiny bits about the game.
I suggest reading the "extra parts" after you've completed the game and making another save before "point of no return".

The game might not as popular as others but I'm still happy about it ^^
Now I'm currently working on extra content, though it's not story related.

  • Completed
  • GreyReno
  • RPG Maker VX
  • Puzzle Adventure
  • 07/08/2017 03:13 AM
  • 05/20/2019 04:17 PM
  • 07/07/2017
  • 28331
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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I can't believe I wasn't subscribed to this game. It looks really nice <3 I should play it soon.
Well, I'm setting it to private since the day I posted it, hence why it doesn't appear in the list. I'm not really sure if people even willing to follow old engine game, that's why I'd rather wait till it finished so people can just download it for their convenience. (Ignoring procrastination here and there...)
I'm liking this game so far! But...
(Little spoiler?)

I know I may not be seen, or paid attention to, or anything but... to anyone out there... I really want to know how to save the people I can in this game.
Apparently, the endings will be decided by some key factors that have been listed out for me, but... I still don't know what I particularly have to do or say!
So... Someone please tell me what to say to M_____ and K______ in order to save them... (To be fair I haven't finished the game yet, but I saw that what you say to them may change their fates so...)
I'm also enjoying your game so far.
In fact, I'm surprised it's getting so little attention, considering its longevity and how good I find the story and writing to be (few typos aside), but I may have come across a gamebreaking bug.

In Celeste mansion, after the painting puzzle, during the chase scene it is impossible (at least for me) to win the QTE. No matter how many times I mash the Z key, she keeps barging in the safe room, causing a game over and making me unable to progress with the story. Or am I missing something?
Arteriato, please forget the last PM I sent you, I've found the bug already.
Thanks again for mentioning that bug.

Don't mention it! Thank you for fixing it!
this game is quiet interesting, good atmosphere lot of puzzles and more importantly it's a long play, this certainly must have taken a lot to make, very nicely done. i would love to know though how i could escape from the statue while searching for the third book.
High production value story-centric horror game. Lots of (very long) cutscenes. Got as far as chapter two at the front gate. Once spawned, the monster at the junction around room 13-14 was always present. I suspect this is not intended, since it was extremely difficult to get past him during chapter 2 to get to the front gate, and it was literally impossible to get past him from the front gate back to the garden, so I was regrettably unable to advance further in the game.
Fixed. Will add update later on so even the Brave ones can skip that chase scene without having encounter that problem...

On a second thought, No! I'm going to force you to run through that chase scene whether you like it or not! Well, it's for game sake anyway.
Up to chapter 4, and I'm gettin' really pissed off now. Running off loads of loose ends, but had no hope of closing them up (game is very big, I'm impressed), so I decided to proceed into the heart crest door. Lo and behold this is one of the most annoying areas in the game. Actually, chapter 4 as a whole has been pretty annoying. The cave of No Dashing took hours, way longer than it needed to be. And then... oh my goodness, the mansion. It's enormous. Not saying thats bad, but the chases here are tight to the last step, and they usually occur with a 1-second warning and pretty much is a game over the first time you encounter one. Add that to how there is only 1 save point in this entire mansion (up to where I am) that causes boring replays. I just about ragequitted after getting killed by another instant kill chase after solving the bed puzzle. Had to sit thru a flashback before that and there was no save point there. And dont even tell me how the 3-pictures-3-rooms puzzle is supposed to work. I'm surprised after 11-12 hours this game is still going strong, a massive amount of effort must have been put into its completion.

Ran into several minor glitches as well, and theres also a warp in red's realm (another extremely annoying area by the way) that seems to be set wrong. I like how much detail and length is put into this game, but for a game with so much instant deaths (like witches house), you really ought to have save-anywhere instead of save points that appear less and less often as the game progresses. I might go back to it, but at this point it is getting extremely annoying.

someone should let's play this game, the rage will be endless.
I just finished the game or should i say story ( couldn't have done it without the walkthrough), i must say everything fell into place, and i still feel there are other possibilities i have yet to explore. I think this is the first time i feel like am part of the story while i play, the characters emotions their past their secrets their reasons their actions, so well depicted. It leaves me wondering why not turn this into an actual book, to be honest it is very inspiring
I finished after applying the new patch that adds the save points in the mansion. Honestly, thank you very much for doing that, the chase after the bed puzzle took me about 10 tries, I'd never be able to sit thru the same flashback 10 times given how hard that chase was. And the others too, this mansion is really unforgiving.

The production values of this game is so high, I'd imagine it to be like pocket mirror without ultra graphics but has way more playtime, plot, and substance. Amazing. I really think more people should try this game, though the difficulty combined with checkpoint starvation is pretty annoying. Some of the puzzles are also ridiculous, which I'm guessing was muddled by the substandard english in the game. It wasn't that bad, but bad enough to make complex puzzles impossible to figure out, and some major dialogue confusing. Which is too bad.

This game took me 15+ hours. And it's a horror game. Very impressive.
Hey all,

Downloaded this game a while back and its pretty impressive-I can't believe how unpopular it is. The characters are likable so far, the walkthrough provided could use some work, there is some incorrect information on it, but nonetheless good game. Unfortunately I have not been able to complete the game yet due to being stuck in the mansion level. The chase scene that starts when you back track to the open gate area on the third floor is impossible to complete. As soon as I enter the nearest door and press Z to barricade the door, I cant move and get killed. There aren't any lets plays on YouTube to help me on this, and the walkthrough doesn't specify what to do, so i'm completely stuck. I cant tell if its a bug or not. Any suggestions?
if ur in the bed puzzles area, u have to hide.
It was after that puzzle; its the long chase scene with the beautiful lady. I solved it though, finally. As soon as you go to the third floor and start being chased by her your not supposed to enter the room, you just need to walk to the right.
*Being away for so long and sees someone complaining about the Walkthrough*
You do have a point. I should start revising the walkthrough instead of letting the player figure out themselves... walkthough meant to guide you after all. And apologies for lack of/missing info inside the walkthrough.

Well, there's already two instances of you blocking the door before that chase, so I figured the player won't be bold enough to trap themselves in one way exit room again. Gotta make the lady learn your pattern too, y'know?
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