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Ever since I had great feedback from my game Unawakened I decided to create another Hetalia but this time it's a love story of my fave pairing. There will be MMD pictures in the game.

The plot begins with Italy was minding his own business until he heard a loud noise. It startled him so he ran away, however it lead to him tripping and hurting his leg badly. While panicking with his loud voice Britain was luckily walking his way. Oddly in the forest there is never any signal, which leads to Britain having no choice but to take Italy to his home.
During their time together Italy begins to not be so scared of Britain anymore...

You can move freely in Britain's house. I tried to make the way it was shown in scenes of some episodes. The book in the guest room is where you save your progress.

This game is still in development but I will update on what it contains.
Images you see may change when full game is uploaded! There will be multiple endings by depending what you decide as Italy. It will be a romantic story with some emotional scenes.

I hope you look forward to this. : ) If I can't make it on the deadline then I will have to move it more away. Credits will be given in notepad and at the end of the game.

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