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Whew… Looks like we’ve finally made it, guys. The Celestial Tower, Turovero… they say few have ever made it to the gates alive, and even fewer have returned. The fact that we even made it this far is nothing short of a miracle…

Sigurd’s only remaining memory is that he was once a knight in the service of a great kingdom, and his code of conduct reflects that. Honest and noble to a fault, he will always speak the truth – even when it would be more diligent to lie – and is constantly helping others – even when they don’t need it. While these tendencies sometimes get on the others’ nerves (especially Edric’s), they know they couldn’t ask for a truer, more genuine companion. Despite his profession, he is also a skilled musician who enjoys playing the dulcimer in his spare time. He is skilled in the ways of the sword and has a strong constitution, but his bulky knight’s armor slows him down quite a bit.

Sigurd’s special ability is “Stonecleaver”, which can be used to clear obstacles made from stone within the tower.

Indeed. I was beginning to think we would never reach this place. The journey was long and hard, but it’s thanks to the mercy of the Four Gods that we were able to get here. We’ll need to remember to give thanks when we can. Then, hopefully, They will continue to grant us Their protection inside of the tower.

Leilia, an Elven druid, does not remember her tribe or who she was before meeting the other heroes; the only thing she does remember is her connection with the spirits of nature, giving her an ability to use healing and earth-based magic. She is incredibly empathetic and has a warm, motherly air about her, which is exemplified by the way she dotes on (or coddles, depending on who you ask) her companions. But while she is a mother hen in the truest sense, she is also a mother bear, who can become fiercely protective – even possessive – of her friends under the right circumstances. Her hobbies include tea blending and brewing, a talent she is always willing to share with her friends. While the spirits of the land give her good luck and resistance to evil forces, she is physically quite fragile.

Leilia’s special ability is “Undergrowth”, which can be used to accelerate the growth of plant life within the tower.

I concur. We need all of the divine providence we can get after THAT little excursion. We’ve used up half of our food and nearly three-quarters of our medical supplies. And that’s not even mentioning all of the gear we had stolen along the way… Venturing inside of a tower without even knowing what lies within is foolish enough, but to do so as ill-equipped as we are would be akin to suicide.

Edric is a talented mage with a sharp mind and an even sharper tongue. His worldly and academic knowledge is vast, although to his frustration it does not help him remember who he was in his past. Seemingly surly and sarcastic, he often has disparaging things to say about the people around him; however, deep down, he cares greatly for his friends, and he’s actually something of a romantic at heart. In fact, some might suggest that he has feelings for his comrade Leilia, as he has a tendency to get tongue-tied around her. He can usually be found with his nose in a book or taking sketches and notes of the creatures seen on the group’s travels. His talent in attack magic is unmatched, but his toying with supernatural forces has taken a toll on his karma, resulting in a streak of bad luck.

Edric’s special ability is “Ember”, a basic-level fire spell that can be used to burn a number of things within the tower.

So what are you saying? That we should just give up and go home? As if! We worked way too hard to get here, and you KNOW what’s at stake! Not to mention, if we go back now, without defeating the Dark One, we’ll be a laughingstock! I’d never be able to look a cute girl in the face again…!

Ruby is a classic example of a thief with a heart of gold; although she doesn’t know how she learned her trade or what sorts of nefarious activities she was a part of, she’s resolved to use her thieving skills for good by thwarting other bandits’ raids and reclaiming stolen goods for their original owners. She has a very bold, plucky attitude, acting as a cheerleader of sorts for the group when times get tough. This same enthusiasm, however, often gets her into trouble, as she has a tendency to head into dangerous situations unprepared. She’s most well known for her salacious tavern hijinks, but she is also a skilled cook, often treating the group to warm, hearty meals on their travels. Ruby is the swiftest of the group, but she also has the lowest magical aptitude, making her weak against enemy spells.

Ruby’s special ability is “Sniper”, which allows her to hit long-distance objects with her bow and arrows within the tower.

…Oh, right, I should probably introduce myself, shouldn’t I? Eheheh… The name’s Ami - that’s “Ah-mee”! - and this is my faithful canine companion, Francis! We’ve traveled the world looking for a place to set up shop - and now that you’re here, I think we’ve finally found it…!

Within the labyrinthine dungeons of Turovero, our heroes meet an unexpected new ally - the Elven merchant girl, Ami, and her dog Francis. Although evasive at best when questioned by the group, Ami claims to be a “merchant of great repute” despite her young age, and she certainly has the goods to back up her story. She provides the party not only with the items, weapons, and armor they’ll need on their quest, but also a certain level of companionship. Despite her cheeky, playful attitude, she also displays rare moments of wisdom far beyond her years…