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Sir Edmund,

Although not without regret, I'm afraid I must decline your request that I lead the newly formed Exploratory Division of our armed forces.

First among my reasons, while I understand the reasons for His Majesty's decision to treat the new branch as a division of the Naval Department, I must protest that I am not and have never been a man of the navy. Although I have no doubt that the adoption of thamasine-powered ships will usher in a new era of trade and exploration, I myself will always be a traveler of the land and not the sea.

Second, and more prominently, I do not feel that I can devote myself to the exploration and acquisition of new territories when I am beset by concerns for the security of those territories we already possess. Those worries I have discussed with you in the past have only increased in the last year, and I am now convinced beyond doubt that attacks by monsters are increasing, not only throughout the outlying regions of Andam, but across the entirety of Idarica. The problem continues to worsen, and I fear that without increased security the regions of threat will someday cease to be practically habitable. It is my intent to devote the remainder of my career to the creation of an organization which can provide this much needed protection. Guarding the people from the beasts of the wild has always been one of the central purposes of civilization, and in a time of marvels such as this, it would be deeply shameful if we should falter in that duty.

Many of my men, scouts who I have trained and served alongside for long years, have already promised to join me in the creation of such an organization. For while the need may not yet be apparent in the Capitol, to those who render their service in the wilderness it is painfully clear. It is my hope that we might form a union which may defend the people across Idarica, for common threats are always best faced in unity, and monsters strike with no regard for the borders of man.

Although it is my fear that I have offered you grave disappointment, this is the only path my conscience will permit.

Yours sincerely,

Raymond March.

(Founder of the Guardian Guild, A.R. 954)

Guardian Frontier is an RPG set in a world inspired by the history and culture of the 19th century, of exploration, colonialism, scientific advancement and industrialization, and is an attempt to create an original style of story out of the toolset of traditional RPGs.


-Rich, colorful setting.
-Relationship value system driven by interactions with deeply developed cast members.
-Balanced combat with unconventional equipment and skill features.
-Lots of words and stuff to click on.
-At least one (1) elf/catgirl threesome.

Latest Blog

Third Content Update: Hope you like NPCs

Well, that took a while.

I'm afraid by this point, a lot of subscribers have probably concluded that Guardian Frontier is on hiatus or abandoned. The truth is, I just feel awkward making public progress announcements which nobody has asked for unless I have new content to release. I never put Guardian Frontier aside, I'm just a terrible publicist.

The length of this release will vary a lot depending on how much time you spend walking around and talking to people. This update contains a lot of NPC content. Not only does it contain more NPCs and NPC dialogue than the previous updates combined, it's entirely possible that it will contain more NPC dialogue than the entire rest of the first chapter combined, once that's complete.

There's also a lot of Easter Egg content in this update. Probably, even players who try to make a point of exploring the whole game thoroughly aren't going to catch all of it. This isn't even a matter of my aiming for game design that rewards exploration, I just throw this stuff in because I honestly can't help myself.

The kind of eventing content that went into this update takes me a long time to put together though, and as obsessed as I might be with NPCs, making so much of one type of content at a time still saps a lot of my momentum. I was originally hoping to have this update out in January, but obviously that didn't pan out so well. I'd say I've learned my lesson, but honestly I knew from the start that my plans for this section were kind of crazy. But this is one of the earliest-planned segments of the game, and while a lot of the specifics have changed since it was first conceived, I'm glad to have gotten something out that stays more or less true to my original vision of it.

The next update after this one will have more of a focus on wilderness-based content, and shouldn't take as long for me to complete. There's a reason Guardians don't spend most of their time hanging around in cities.

If anyone wants more frequent updates on this game's development, feel free to let me know. I may be reluctant to advertise, but I'm always happy to answer questions.
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Game looks great! I played the small demo of it before the new update. So I can't wait to see all the new content added to the game

Okay so I already encountered a lot of problems. First there is some spelling mistakes and sentence structures that need to be worked on. Next is after the academy, nearly every building you walk into crashes the game. Even the guild building you enter it and it crashes the game. The only building you can enter is the bank.
I'm glad to hear you're liking it so far. I'm happy for anyone who's dipped into it so far to let me know what they think. Especially since I'm working on this solo, any sort of feedback helps.

I can't guarantee a perfectly regular schedule for the updates from this point on, since it's going to depend on factors like how open-ended the events and gameplay are at various points, but I'm aiming for frequent content updates from this point forward, probably usually on about the time scale that this last update was made over. The plot of the game is loosely organized into three episodes, as stated in the game info, but I'm not planning to transition at any point to releasing the game in whole-episode chunks. I want to keep the latest state of the game available to players over time.

Edit: Okay, I responded before you edited your post, so I didn't see the issues you were facing the first time around. For any specific spelling or grammar mistakes, feel free to let me know here or by PM. For issues with the game crashing, I'm not sure what's causing that in your gameplay, because the game definitely works during my playtesting, but the first thing I'd want to check on is whether you have the RPMaker VX Ace RTP installed. I would actually expect the game not to run at all for someone who doesn't already have it, since it's not included with the game file, but the beginning maps are built around non-RTP-based tilesets. If you can let me know what sort of error message you're getting, it might help me resolve whatever sort of issue you're having.
Yes I have VX Ace Ive played lots of games that require it so thats not the problem. As for the errors they seem to be different for each building. The custom armory when I try to enter it says failed to load bitmap. And when I try to enter the guild building it says "unable to find file: Graphics/Characters/!Door3 - Copy
Okay, I think I've worked out the problem with the guild building, which ought to be easy to fix. I'm not sure what could be causing the issue with the armory, so I'm going to have to try downloading and playtesting the game with a different computer to do some additional troubleshooting. I'd rather take care of all the issues at once rather than update it piecemeal while there are still major bugs in it.
Yeah when I downloaded it, there didn't seem to be a graphics folder. So I just continued to play and got to the first town and every building I entered crashed the game except for the guild bank exchange building.
I'm temporarily restricting the availability of the download until I've resolved this issue, since it also occurs on the other computer I tried testing it on. It's a bit more difficult to implement a fix when I can't force the error on my own computer to see where the source is, but I'll try to have a working replacement up soon.
Okay, I've got a new upload up which should fix the problems. The issue with the Guardian Guild office was relatively simple to fix, but the other errors seemed to be caused by some kind of graphical file corruption which occurred during the game's encryption. So far the only fix I've found is to just not encrypt the game file, but this shouldn't be an issue for players who don't care to spoil themselves by poking around in it.

ETA: Subscribers' records will reflect two uploads. The second one is a correction to ensure that the game ends at the intended update endpoint, rather than continuing on to the content which was added after the release.
Just downloaded the new content can't wait to play it.
Any tips how to win imps and wolves that keep attacking one of towns?
A few. The imps will go down much faster if you use Ashe's wind magic. The wolves are vulnerable to fire magic; not super vulnerable, but they have an elevated chance of receiving the "panic" status if they're hit with it. The Forest Hulk is even more so, when you fight it. Especially when there are more enemies than party members, Long Thrust is useful when you have the TP for it, since it applies the Defend state (in addition to reducing damage, Defend also dramatically cuts your chances of being stunned, which the wolves can inflict, or disoriented.) Try not to spread your fire too thin attacking too many different enemies with different characters, since the longer you take to bring individual enemies down, the more damage your party members will take. When he's in the party, James' Poison spell is worth using, since it attacks three random enemies, so it'll dish out more damage than his other options. Don't worry too much about depleting his MP quickly. When you have Will in your party and you're facing a battle which is likely to last several turns, it's worth taking a turn to have him use his Fire Weapon skill, since it'll increase his damage output against the wolves or the Forest Hulk significantly.

Once you get to a gap in the battles, definitely take the chance to heal your party members. Better to use healing spells out of battle here, since the sequence isn't so long that running out of MP is a major danger, but in battle, be prepared to use healing items if you need them.

How much you've leveled up and to what extent you've upgraded your party members' equipment makes a substantial difference at this point. If your party is as strong as it's possible to be by this point, it's entirely practical to finish this sequence without using any healing items at all.

Although you can't grind for unlimited money, as long as you have access to the Guardian outpost, you still have the option to replenish your healing items. If you're out of Styptics, and can't afford to buy more, you can take five from the shelf at the Palk outpost. You can do this an unlimited number of times as long as you use them up first, but you can't stockpile them. This is also one reason your healing items don't have a sell price; if you could sell them back to the store, you'd be able to exploit the Guardian guild's supply for unlimited money.
Dangit Desertopa, stop closing loopholes already! How am I supposed to exploit/break the game if you keep doing stuff like this!
I'm sure something is going to slip through eventually.

Technically, it's possible to exploit the free healing you can get at the Guardian outpost to get unlimited experience grinding on encounters on the world map around Palk. The healing isn't free until you can't afford the inn or healing items though, and the encounter rate and difficulty are low, so it would be very, very slow.
I'm sure something is going to slip through eventually.

Technically, it's possible to exploit the free healing you can get at the Guardian outpost to get unlimited experience grinding on encounters on the world map around Palk. The healing isn't free until you can't afford the inn or healing items though, and the encounter rate and difficulty are low, so it would be very, very slow.

Dude, my Squirtle was a Wartortle before I left Viridian Forest in Pokemon Blue. I can handle slow.
Honestly, if it weren't my own game and I weren't worried about getting an unrepresentative experience of the challenge players would be getting in combat, I'd probably be doing the same thing.
Heh heh, for me, finding loopholes and becoming stupidly OP is one of the things I love most in rpg's. I almost feel bad for that poor Onix. There's nothing I like better than feeling powerful in an rpg, but that's just me. From a practical standpoint, it's probably better to keep the game loophole free as you said.
I tend to be the same way. But if I designed a game based around my own inclinations, I'd probably wreck the difficulty curve.

So, instead of letting the player feel powerful by letting them grind indefinitely and kick the asses of enemies that are supposed to be challenging, my approach is to give the player the chance to feel powerful by keeping the story grounded with a sense of how difficult and dangerous the protagonists' work is for ordinary people. If the player struggles against a Forest Hulk, they can still remember how dangerous imps are to ordinary civilians.

I also want to give players the opportunity to feel rich by making them poor!

Lots of video games let the player gradually accumulate huge amounts of money, so you might eventually get the sense that "at this point, realistically, my characters are probably pretty wealthy." But usually the narrative doesn't really do much if anything to establish this, and the gameplay doesn't highlight it because you've very likely spent the entire game always having as much money as you needed for all the stuff you wanted as it became available. Besides which, NPC shopkeepers can buy unlimited quantities of stuff from you and always have enough cash on hand to pay out, which takes away from the sense that that quantity of money means much of anything.

So, I think that if you want to give players a sense of their characters being wealthy, it helps to first establish a contrast where they get used to scarcity being the norm, so that later on, they can notice its absence.
But but... Nice mapping... that i can say...
I'm flattered if you think so. I'm trying to at least keep the mapping in the realms of the not-crappy (should get some more screenshots to add soon which aren't indoors.) It's one of the harder parts of the game making process for me, but some of my favorite games have mapping which most people would probably only rate as "decent." I'd hope that I can at least do a good enough job with the mapping that it doesn't become a disqualifying factor for potential players.
Deen... How i get that place? Train wasn´t mowe and no one sells tickets?
Deen is accessible from the world map in the vicinity of Palk. It's to the South of Brisylvania.
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