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Trancevania and Version 1.12

  • Tuomo_L
  • 10/26/2017 01:23 PM
Halloween is almost upon us. To celebrate this ocassion, we have launched Trancevania addon,which features a new playable character and a small new dungeon. The DLC will be -10% cheaper all the way until the end of the Halloween.

Chandra the fourth heroine

Chandra is a vampire. She has no interest in saving the town of Serina and has simply come for personal reasons that are to find her missing sister, after hearing a rumor that she was in the castle. She has unique blood magic and fights using dual wielded weapons such as swords or axes. If she gets hurt, she can use a powerful blood frenzy attacks.

Version 1.12


  • Weapon Master couldn't be talked to from a certain angle, this has been fixed