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Full game now available for download

It only took a few moments for the feeling of panic to set in. “What if I lived my life wrong? How would I be judged? What if there is nothing after this?

The story begins with an individual, recently deceased, who is struggling to comprehend the reality of being dead. The mind, disconnected and failing, desperately attempts to form some vision of reality. Yet, the memories of its life are only distant whispers. It can't recall a personality, friends, or even an appearance. But there is hope. The memories of the music, the disconnected emotions. And in a rush of information, sometimes there appear memories of her: the rockstar.

The Endless Empty is an adventure RPG with a focus on exploration and choices. The game explores the concepts of death and the afterlife, and takes place in 5 chapters. Each chapter has a different theme and a unique art style. The game takes the player on a branching journey through the unknown. there are a variety of memories to explore; From upbeat suburban neighborhoods, to gritty industrial wastelands, to colorful psychedelic hallucinations.

The game will feature a multilayered storyline with alternative paths and multiple endings as well as a customized battle system. Complementing the game will be a completely original soundtrack with classical, electronic, funk and rock musical styles. The game is complete and is available for download here and itch.io https://l-a-u-g-h.itch.io/the-endless-empty

See our Facebook and twitter page for more details https://www.facebook.com/SugarySweetMachines/

Latest Blog

The Endless Empty Sequel (A Chamber of Stars)

A Chamber of Stars

I have spent the last year working on a sequel to The Endless Empty. This sequel project is titled A Chamber of Stars.

A free demo available on Steam (Link) and Itch (Link).

A Chamber of Stars has many changes compared to The Endless Empty. First I've moved game engines from RPGmaker to Unity allowing more freedom in animations and environments. The sequel will focus more the on the adventure, puzzle and choice aspects of the series. Finally the game will add new rhythm game elements to progress big moments in the game's story.


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Looks super interesting, I look forward to watching it evolve over time!
Looks super interesting, I look forward to watching it evolve over time!

Thanks! I appreciate your interest.
741MBs! O Sublime Tauroform what magnanimous mysteries doth this contain!
741MBs! O Sublime Tauroform what magnanimous mysteries doth this contain!

Plenty of magnanimous mysteries contained, but mostly it is all the original music taking up the space. I've downgraded the quality once may need to do it again.
My thoughts as I play (CONTAINS some SPOILERS):
the plot moves along at a rewarding pace, there's plenty of puzzles, and there's some roleplaying opportunities. You always have a task to do, or somewhere new to explore. This is good!
At first I thought the areas were overly large and boring, with long spans of walking in empty straight lines, but now that seems to be a singular quality of Career World. This makes sense on retrospect, but at the time was kind of annoying. I don't think it would hurt to tighten those early maps up a bit.

the tranquility rooms are a neat mechanic, instead of towns.

Art and music are great. Reminds me of Gingiva by myformerselves. I have a special place in my heart for collage. Since the music is comprised of beats and moody noises some could be made into shorter loops instead of full songs, this may cut down on size.
I like the way you handle the subject matter and characters. Despite existing in a world alien to the player, operates on an internal logic that is consistent with itself. I'm curious to see if this lovesickness thread in the narrative gets played straight or is subverted.

Most who try to do what you're doing simply dive into nonsense, and it becomes a lame short hand for trying to make the game seem smart. The aforementioned Gingiva is guilty of this utterly opaque esoterics on occasion. As far as I've seen you've managed to avoid this trap.

thanks to XIIXI I've stopped washing my hands

In Creativity World, after getting the puzzle pieces and opening the door, I get a view of the garden and then the game just sits there with no obvious way to continue, and now I'm stuck here (luckily I made a back up save). Is this a bug or a feature?

All in all, I'm having fun, despite being stuck. I'll subscribe.
Thanks for the feedback!
(My response contains some minor spoilers.)
I appreciate the comparisons to myformselves. I love the atmosphere Gingiva, and more so its precursor Middens, produced but I wanted to create a more tangible narrative with my game. I have clear story planned out from the hopefully it doesn't fall into a pit of esoteric nonsense.

I also understand your frustration with the long stretches walking at the beginning. Some of this was done for setting the mood, other moments, lack of planning I suppose. This is my first major attempt at a game and I am slowly learning better methods of pacing and building the environment.

The game locking at the puzzle piece door is embarrassedly a glitch, as a prompt asking you to enter the forest should pop up. You are the second person to report this. Yet, because I was unable to reproduce the glitch and my playtester got through the door after a second attempt, I assumed it was a one time occurrence. I will rewrite the event and let you know when a updated demo is uploaded. Thank you for subscribing!
THAT WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait for new updates *_*
the graphic it's amazing, the soundtrack it's stunning and the plot it's fascinatingly beautiful!
For everyone encountering the glitch at the door: the glitch happens only if you click "z/enter" at the left of the door, on the center and the right it works perfectly :) keep up with the great work!
Thank you for the info! That really helps knowing the glitch is caused by the left most event.

I have updated the demo download to fix the glitch, the door will no longer lock up the game.
Looks trippy.
Reminds me of Middens and Gingiva.
Wow this game looks super great! I'm looking forward to playing it <3
i beat the anxiety monster but then the game crashed. ur links are all dead and i googled u and u havent posted on anything in forever so i doubt ull read this but please fix & republish please or just continue like i dont understand why people literally drop off th eface of the earth like girl

are u actually dead. i really liked ur game. email me
I only fell off the face of the earth for a bit.

The demo has been updated, the autosave error that occurred after the anxiety boss should no longer happen.

And yeah I'm still progressing on the game, I'm just really slow...
Hey, man, great game! I love surreal theme and trippy imagery, by the way. Not only a thought-provoking plot that deals with some dark ideas, but attetion to detail on a level that makes the scenarios just awesome!
And, just a question, i'm stuck in the game right on that part after the Endless Empty is defeated. Was there supposed to be more to the game after that? Or that's how far the demo goes?
Thanks I appreciate the comments.
There is more to the demo after that, some minor spoilers below.
The vision of the Endless Empty is actually a completely optional 'boss'. After you defeat it you should be transported to a white room, head up until you see a record player to interact with. You can also avoid the fight altogether by going up the path to the left on the screen before the room with the green door.
Yeah I would like to say that I really liked this game. It's so weird and surreal and I think that the whole concept of it is incredible. Your characters in particular are inspiring to me so here's some fanart I did of this game.

I changed the design of the Butterfly Guards a little I hope you don't mind.
P.S, it looks good close up.
Wow! Your art is amazing. I’m honored that my game inspired you. Would it be okay if I shared your art? I will be sure to credit you and link your deviantart account.
Wow! Your art is amazing. I’m honored that my game inspired you. Would it be okay if I shared your art? I will be sure to credit you and link your deviantart account.

Really? You like it that much? Go ahead I don't mind you posting it.
I do like it that much.

Thank you! you don't know how much this means to me.
With confidence, I can without a doubt say this game has most certainly taken my breath away.
It's filled a void in my soul I never even knew existed. To see something I longed for so dearly present in such an magnificent way.

I'm truly delighted to have come across this game.
(And really sad that I'm almost done with it, haha.)

Anyways, this game has had a BIG impact on me, so I drew some fanart for it!
It's nothing amazing ,but I tried my best!
(Especially since it took me a few hours, lol.)


(Hope the link worked, would suck if it didn't.. -m-,,)

Thanks for making such an amazing game!
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