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First of all, sorry, because the game is not in English. Otherwise, if this project is well received, I will adapt it.
Ok, focusing on the game. This is an adventure that I have focused a lot. Comment (I really want to like my game), finally, about other data the script that uses this game is the Bizz-ABS (you know, the sword of Zelda). Personally it is one of my favorite Chaos Project Scripts. Well, also the concideraria within the genre adventure (I tried to apply an interesting method, will be put within the perspective of the player, please tell me if I have succeeded). Another detail to highlight in my opinion is ... It's my first published game!
(There is that emotion). The last thing I would have to say is thank you for taking the time to download OT and let me know if you find any bug (sorry I'm not that advanced XDXD)
In the distant lands of Ordyx lies the spirit of a warrior; a warrior who was defeated and his soul was held in the body of a Ouroboro. Now this warrior wants to stop an evil force that wants to take over all Ordyx and its inhabitants. Because of this the Ouroboro sought a soul who could help him, an equal and more formidable warrior than himself.
Upon learning the magnum of this began to fight for the same warrior. Now it all depends on you, you will decide on the final of this Ouroboro's Tale.

-Passability Mini Map
-The famous AMS
-Credits script (Doug)
-Pause script (Zeriab)
-The fabulous Moghunter menu
(Mog, you do a great job, really)
-The splash screen (Kain)
-Map name (Falcao and Cloud)
-Bar of life (will be in the images in a short time)
-Emojis in the messages (With the help of the AMS of course)
-Bar of hunger (not for nothing, but I manage)
- Behavior system
- and i'm working in a animation for when the character is quiet
Please if you can help me
I decided not to do the commercial game for the fact that I think this game should be for everyone.
Please comment if there is any disagreement, I'll read the comments with pleassure.
Sorry for the spelling, it's a google translator.
If there is a script or engine in which you worked, I added it in OT and I did not give you the credits: let me know in the comments and I will edit your script or engine with your name.
In my pinion the flavors are this:
.Open world
If you think can be another tell me in the comments (When you can play the game obiusly)


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