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Want to know more about the characters in this adventure? Check out their bios below!

Age: 10/20
Likes: Animals, Mischief, Not being cooped up at home

The carefree and somewhat independent daughter of Astrid, Oracle of rural Merryday Village. Though she may not agree with the life that her mother has planned for her, Lunita nonetheless provides a helping hand around the village, which usually includes keeping local shopkeep Minister Orange out of his usual debauchery. Little does she know that a series of disasters in the days before the annual Crescent Festival will change her life forever.

In battle, Lunita is primarily a magic-user, with many of her abilities dealing straight damage and healing. Her unique command, Invoke, consumes all of her AP to deal damage to one enemy.

Age: 15/25
Likes: Having friends, Coffee

Amos is just a guy who's too gullible for his own good, which is probably why he's always such a nervous wreck. Even when his kind-hearted nature gets the best of him, Amos can pull off truly amazing feats when he puts his mind to it. It just takes the right people for Amos to really shine, though that doesn't seem to do much about his occasional bouts of sarcasm.

In battle, Amos is a Sharpshooter who can fire elemental shots and change his regular attacks to that same element. This is especially useful for his unique skill, Gatling, which fires one shot for every 2 AP he has.

Age: 27/37
Likes: Family, Passing the buck

This mechanic-turned-guardian from Brineforge would move mountains if it meant protecting her sister Astrid. A sprightly and loving soul, Rain often finds herself in new and exciting situations... most of which she's gotten quite used to smooth-talking her way out of. She's the cool aunt that you might not want to trust with your lunch money.

In battle, Rain is an Engine Knight, and can deploy various Bots with powerful effects at the cost of MP at the end of every turn. She can also debuff the enemy's stats or elemental resistance. Her unique command, Examine, allows the party to see the enemies' HP.

Age: 4 Months/10
Likes: Everyone and everything.

Who doesn't love a good dog? Lunita befriends Maru the Putty Pup after saving him from certain danger in Minster Orange's basement. He is a loyal friend and his stretchy body allows him to stretch out to cross small gaps, and turn into other objects as well. He can also be renamed by the player!

In battle, Maru is primarily a physical damage dealer, and can also buff the party just by being a good boy. His unique command, Beg, may make the enemy give up items.