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A rockin good time

You don't see very many nes style SMBX games anymore, seeing this I knew I had to play it and give it a review.

World Map
The hub area in this game is very simple, and for the style this game is going for, I have to give it credit, I was honestly surprised to find out that Worlds are not set up like normal, when you enter a world door you go straight to the first level, and once you complete it you move on to the next, till you make it to the last level of a world. I honestly like this idea, because it gets you straight into the action right away, my only problem is that it can feel a bit weird trying to figure out which level you're in.

And you can access most worlds straight away (except the final of course) giving you some replay value if you choose to replay the game again.

Level design is very reminiscent of old 8 bit games, I mean that was obvious. This game is a very basic platformer but there is a surprisingly decent amount of variety, one minute you're going traversing an aircraft carrier, next you're on top of a ship flying in the sky avoiding enemies. Levels are not too hard or easy, its pretty balanced. The game has a good soundtrack, I was honestly expecting 8 bit Mario tunes, I need to know what game you got the music from dude or if you made it yourself I want to listen to more of your stuff!

Only problem with the soundtrack is it loop quite often.

The game is pretty fun, the level designs are fun, soundtrack is great, and the overall 8 bit aesthetic is damn good.

3.5 !!