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"This is the only game we played on our lets play channel, so far, to have made us cry." Steel and Teal from Studio Blue.

Game Jam Entry for Studio Blue's 2 Week Game Jam. Winner of the Story Category.


As the prisoner wakes up to discover a world devoid of common sense, she herself discovered that her memories are taken away by the flowers that are scattered around multiple portals linking to a world of memories and dreams. The prisoner and her partner, the strange dragon who mysteriously appeared before her, must work together in order to find these flowers, discover her hidden memories and find a way to escape from this strange and unknown world.

The truth will remain unlocked should they not work together as one. As working together, they can reach certain specific switches, interact with them to open new platforms. Interacting with specific warp tiles may unlock memories or lock them in order to have both of them pull a heavy load.

If you earn a specific flower containing a memory, it will unlock a new portal. This allows you to discover a new world and gives you a different set of puzzles to solve. Find the hidden memories, gain the flowers and they will allow you to unlock the key that will open the door to the prisoner's freedom.

But will it be all sunshine and rainbows, I wonder?


- Visual Novel image slideshows for specific scenes.
- You can toggle between holding together by pressing 1.
- You can switch between characters when you enter a stage if you are separated by pressing 2.
- You can separate your characters at specific spots by pressing 3 in order for them to either pull a switch they or for them to stay in order to press a button. You rejoin each other by interacting with them when they're separate.
- Teamwork is key if you want to solve the mystery of the puzzles in the game and reveal the hidden memories of Iliana's past.
- Minimal to no text/dialogue. Mostly auditory and visual showcase.

Latest Blog

Lily Renewal Artbook Now Available

Artbook will cover some sketches, changes between the first iteration and the current iteration as well as personal thoughts during the development of this project. Some of them might be contextually confusing to some people, but I hope it builds off a good foundation for how I make this game the way it is now.

Download Artbook Here
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  • 08/01/2017 04:06 AM
  • 07/12/2018 07:25 AM
  • 07/31/2017
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