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"Three Dog Night" is an original pixel-style game made exclusively using RPG Maker MV. In terms of genre, we like to call it a "lighthearted horror."

Let's face it - there are just not enough games out there where you can play as dogs. Am I right? Well, "Three Dog Night" is a work in progress on the way to provide all the fun you could ever want in playing as a dog. My sister and I have been working on this project casually since Spring 2017. Since it is a casual side-project, we can not say for sure when it will be finished though we are aiming for October 13th, which happens to be a Friday. GULP!

You will take control of Sydney, Frank, and Holmes, three unsuspecting pooches just going about their trip to the dog park when they, quite literally, bark up the wrong tree, thrusting them into a strange world unlike anything they've ever seen or smelled!

Work cooperatively, using each pup's special skills to explore new surroundings and solve puzzles, all the while learning more about the evil forces at work behind it all.

Will you be able to get these poor sad and hungry doggos home?

Will they ever get to go on a ride in the car again!?

That's all up to you!


* Dogs
* Pawsitively unique puzzles
* Original pixel-style mapping
* More dogs
* Patented BowWow bust graphics
* Lots of puns and silly humor
* Lovable characters (that are dogs)
* Tail-wagging retro music


Please note that this game is not intended to be terrifying. There are spooky elements and eerie environments. However, this game is, as I said, a "lighthearted horror" game, more focused on comedy, cuteness, and canines.

After all, I think we all have a little "dog person" in us!

Latest Blog

Want Your Pup Showcased in the Game?

Hello fellow dog-lovers!

Thanks for checking out the page for the upcoming "Three Dog Night" game! We're excited to finally be live, so to speak, and to start sharing updates on our little pet project. Heh heh... "pet project..." See what we did there?

Anyhow, this is the part where you have a chance to have your beloved canine be in the game! We are looking to add 3 dogs into the story and are looking for inspiration from you! If you're interested, please comment below with the following info!

Dog Name:
Description: (a breed or picture helps us greatly!)
Also include the celebrity voice that best portrays your puppers personality and attitude

Even if you don't have a pooch of your own, you are more than eligible to post a submission of a dog you love - a friend's dog, a neighbor hound, or even one you make up! The point is, we want to give you a chance to have a unique character of your own in "Three Dog Night." And remember, any puns you can provide are worth bonus points!

My co-developer and I will review all submissions in September and pick our top 3 to put into the game as unique characters! If your pup is chosen, we will let you know and offer a bit of a sneak preview of your in-game special pal! You'll also be featured with your doggo in the credits and perhaps, even given a bit of early access once the game is complete!

Don't miss out on this pawpportunity!
Submit your canine friend before September 1st!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let us know!

Woof woof!