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Tensions are high between the Azca Tribe and the Kingdom of Riverway. A cease fire was declared 100 years ago, but a series of events is threatening the tentative peace. It seems, someone is fanning the flames to bring the war back on full scale...

These are strange times in the Kingdom of Riverway. The King has disappeared without a trace, and the Kingdom's Orb of Power is also missing. Did the King take the Orb and run? Was he kidnapped? Were the Azca's involved? That's what the Captain of the guard, Ethan, intends to find out before the kingdom panics and chaos runs rampant. Unfortunately, keeping the situation contained is much harder than it seems. Ethan will have to learn to trust new allies and find help from unusual sources to learn the truth. Can he stop another war from starting?

The Project:

“Up to Four Players venture into a dungeon. Your mission is to save the King, who was captured by the monsters. You must also retrieve the King’s Orb of Power.”

Wait... What? Well, back in 1982 that's all the story we would get from a computer game. Yet in those times, we didn't care about stuff like that. We were amazed by the awesome graphics the game provided, like this:

Yes, horrible by current standards, but those who played Tunnels of Doom all agree that it was the best in it's day! Now, over 30 years later, this project will bring the game a new look, and most of all, a full length RPG story!

This Tunnels of Doom version features two game modes:
In classic mode, players make a party of 1-4 characters from the Fighter, Wizard, and Rogue classes (selecting from 12 character sprites). Players can choose how many levels the dungeon will have 1 thru 10, but only 4 are actually playable. Players CAN win the game and rescue the King if they select 4 or fewer levels.

In story mode, players have the option of viewing an interactive 7 minute introduction, then chapter 1 begins. During the course of the full game, players will use all 12 characters in various parties of 1-4, as their stories are interwoven into a larger story. For this current work in progress, players will control Alex and Jason as they search a forest dungeon for it's treasure. This is basically a tutorial chapter, and the game ends here. Later chapters will introduce more complex characters and situations.

Game Features:

  • An event driven battle system, more of a simplified Final Fantasy Tactics style.
  • True dungeon randomization. You will never visit the same dungeon twice! The routine creates new random maps every time!
  • A map that draws itself as you walk through the dungeon, so you will never get lost. When backtracking, you can use the map to travel to places you already explored.
  • Loads of treasure, when opening treasure chests the contents spill out on the floor for you to pick up.
  • Unknown Potions! Any potion you find will have random effects, good or bad. Do you take a chance and drink it, or will you get it identified first?
  • Dungeon Dialogues. The characters speak with their given personalities during battle and when picking up items.
  • The Vault. Each level will contain a combination vault that has the absolute best treasure on that level. Guessing the combination wrong may damage your characters, but there are clues to tell you if you are getting warmer or colder.

The finished game is estimated to take 25+ hours to complete story mode, and about 15 hours for classic mode. Right now, players who fully explore story mode can expect to play for 2-3 hours. Classic mode players can expect to spend 60-90 minutes per level.

Progress UPDATE 5/13/2018:
I've uploaded a new version of Tunnels of Doom today. Chapter 2 is only half finished, but it's pretty clear when you reach the current end of story mode. Classic mode can still be won if you choose 4 or fewer levels.

Latest Blog

Tunnels of Doom Version 1.3.1 is out! + Taking a small break.

Hello Everyone,

I'm going to take a small break from Tunnels of Doom (for about three weeks), which I participate in the Seasons of RMN event. The challenge is to make a small game in three weeks based on one of the seasons. So I want to do that while I think about the next phase of Tunnels of Doom.

I released the latest updates early, even though chapter 2 is only partially done. I wanted to add the battle system improvements, the king dialogues, and the boss battle in story mode chapter 1.

The biggest time suck in this update was updating 300 or so maps in the story mode forest dungeon. But I think it looks MUCH better than it ever did before:

Here's the rest of the updates:

Version History - Tunnels_of_Doom_1.3.1 5-13-2018

This is a major update over the previous on from months ago. Story mode Chapter 1 now has a boss battle! The entire forest dungeon has had a facelift with picture overlays and weather. Here's some more updates:

-Game Engine Change. Now the game is on the Steam Version of RPG Maker 2003. (Legal and Legit!)
-Updated the Map Background to 256 indexed color palette, better color and resolution.
-Updated the Level Pictures in the Camp Room
-Rations are now consumable during camp and there's no penalty for turns.
-Camp Title for Riverway Forest.
-Boss Battle in story mode chapter 1
-Weather events in Chapter 1 forest dungeon.
-A notice when you make a critical hit.
-The King appears in the camp room if you have rescued him.
-Auto-Eat Rations once you have 99 or more.
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Pages: 1
This is really cool.

It's great to see more narrative roguelikes, and on the rm2k3 engine, no less. The graphics fit it well, I think.
"Someday I'll finish my game... someday.."
Thank you Kumada!

I definitely like the look of the rm2k3 engine. I really hope you enjoy the game!
Hey this looks interesting. Subscribed!
"Someday I'll finish my game... someday.."
Thanks PhantasmaX!

Even though it's a work in progress, you can still WIN Classic mode if you select 4 or fewer levels, and get a small ending at least.

I plan to update the game every 10-14 days with a stable version, and you won't have to start the game all over again if you move over your save files.

Next version will include:
-Monster Magic Resistance
-Monster Magic Weaknesses
-Varied Monster attacks and special attacks
-Trapped Treasure Chests (Having a Rogue in your party will help avoid these!)
-4 more green potion effects
-Improved game dialogues
-Level 5 with new monsters, a new Armor (something better than Platemail)

I hope you like it!

Playing the game so far. It's nice. My question is..

When you sign the adventurer's log in the shop..is that a reference to a Sierra adventure/rpg series called Quest For Glory?

If so, Nice!
"Someday I'll finish my game... someday.."
Playing the game so far. It's nice. My question is..

When you sign the adventurer's log in the shop..is that a reference to a Sierra adventure/rpg series called Quest For Glory?

If so, Nice!

Hi Randy,

Yes it is! Quest for Glory is probably my favorite Sierra game of all time, with King's Quest V coming in as a close second.

I hope you enjoy Tunnels of Doom. I'm very curious to know if you liked the introduction.
I've played the chapter one.
So far the game is great, I've liked the battle system, it's totally unique, if you see all the other games here.
Hope to see the next chapters. See ya!
"Someday I'll finish my game... someday.."
I've played the chapter one.
So far the game is great, I've liked the battle system, it's totally unique, if you see all the other games here.
Hope to see the next chapters. See ya!

Thank you Sedenha! I think part of chapter 2 is out there... at least I hope it is! Looking forward to making more updates here soon.
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