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Playing in Classic Mode:
At the beginning of Classic Mode, you are able to select 1-4 party members to go into a dungeon to rescue the King. You'll be able to select from three classes: Fighter, Wizard, and Rogue. Then you can select a character from those classes.

The Fighters
- - - - - - -
Ethan, Alex, Jason, and Laura. In Classic mode, just pick the sprite you want to use as each of them will have the exact same stats and skills. (Story mode will eventually flesh out these characters and give them unique traits.)

Fighters can use all melee weapons, ranged weapons, armor, and shields. They do above average damage with melee weapons, and just average damage with ranged weapons. They cannot cast spells from Scrolls, but they WILL be able to use Wands (with a small-med chance of backfire).

The Wizards
- - - - - - -
Cyr, Fizgig, Yohan, and Yara. Again all Wizards are the same in classic mode, so it a matter of preference which sprite you want to use. Wizards can only use the most basic weapons and armor. They can use a Dagger for melee and a Sling as a ranged weapon for minimal damage. They have the lowest ATK, DEF, and HP, but make up for it with the spells they cast from Scrolls. You will find unknown scrolls throughout the dungeon. It's okay to cast from a unknown scroll, as it will contain a low-level element spell with a few uses. Wizards will also be able to use Wands with zero chance of backfire.

One more thing about wizards, as they level up, so do the power of the spells they cast. It's definitely worth making sure your wizards get experience!

The Rogues
- - - - - - -
Jacob, Ryu, Doug, and Sidney. Pick the sprite you want to use, because they are all the same stat-wise in Classic mode. Rogues are better with ranged weapons than Fighters and Wizards. They have more choices for weapons and armor than a Wizard, but still not as much as a Fighter. For example, Fighters can use Swords and Shields, but Rogues cannot. Rogues CAN use Maces, Hand-Axes, and Daggers. Wizards can only use Daggers.

Rogues cannot cast spells from Scrolls, but they WILL be able to use Wands (with a slight chance of backfire)

One last thing about Rogues, they are the only character class that can avoid traps. Having one in your party will decrease the chances of setting one off when you are working the combination to the level vault.

The Hero Class:
Wait? That's FOUR classes, not three! True. The Hero class is a special class reserved for a party of ONE. If you want to try this class out, just have 1 party member and the Hero class will be a choice.

The Hero class uses the same four sprites as the Fighters: Ethan, Alex, Jason, and Laura.. but they will have higher stats and the abilities of all three of the other classes! A Hero can use all weapons like a Fighter, cast spells from scrolls like a Wizard, and avoid traps like a Rogue.

Recommended Party Formations:

For a party of 4:
Player 1: Fighter
Player 2: Fighter
Player 3: Wizard
Player 4: Rogue

Reason: Players 1 and 2 will always be in the front lines. Even if you enter a monster room slowly... there is still a chance for them to take damage. Having two fighters gives you more durability in battle.

For a party of 3:
Player 1: Fighter
Player 2: Rogue
Player 3: Wizard

Reason: Rogues have better defense than a Wizard, and there's always a chance of taking damage walking into a monster room. Having one of each character type gives you a well rounded party.

For a party of 2:
Player 1: Figher
Player 2: Figher

Reason: Let's face it... if you're only playing with two players, go ahead and charge the monsters head on! Hack and slash your way through the game!

Or.. you can of course feel free to use the Fighter-Wizard or Fighter-Rogue party. Wizards are super squishy and Rogues can run out of ammo pretty quick, just a thought.

For a Party of 1:
Player 1: HERO, 'nuff said.