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Features in next update... 100 Downloads and a Review!

  • Waxius
  • 02/25/2018 03:00 PM
Thank you:
First of all, I want to thank the RMN community for all the support, feedback, and 100 game downloads since I first introduced "Tunnels of Doom" in July 2017.

I also want to thank Akari, who wrote this amazing and honest review:

Review: Good for Dungeon Lovers! (by AkariThePeanut)

If you get the chance to read Akari's reviews, they are HERE.

All the feedback I've been given has been generally positive and I've been steadily making battle system and story improvements based on these comments.

Planned features in next update (Mid-late March 2018):
- Next Release will be on the legit Steam Version of RPG Maker 2003!
- Chapter 2 in Story Mode will be completed!
- Boss fights in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 in Story Mode.
- A "Wait" command in Classic Mode and Story Mode (this will allow a party member to delay their action until another party member has completed theirs).
- Graphic Improvements in the Forest Dungeon for Chapter 1.
- A "critical hit" indicator during battle.
- More Dialogue in the dungeons
- Inventory Storage -> This is so that Party 1 does not share inventory with parties 2 or 3. (By the end of the finished game.. you will have command of 3 parties).
- Baubles - These are random pieces of "junk" treasure that have no value except to sell or to collect. (It sure beats finding the same dagger or hand axe over and over again.)

Still looking for game testers...
While I can't offer much in the way of perks, this is what I can do for those who would like to be a game tester and provide ongoing feedback/bug reports:
- Named Credit on the game Page
- Special Thanks in the games credits
- Access to work-in-progress versions (not published on RMN)
- Save files at various points in the game
- Access to the Hidden Game Testers Page on RMN.
- A list of built in cheats (Must actually own the Steam Version of RPG Maker 2003, as these are cheat switches only accessible by pressing F9 in game)
- Feedback or Review of your own game(s)

TLDR: Thank you for the Review and 100 Game Downloads! I expect to have a new major release in Mid to Late March 2018 with a complete Chapter 2. I am still looking for games testers on an ongoing basis, for which I will gladly credit publicly and return the favor!


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A lazy teenager's spirit in a mid 20 adult's body
If you're looking for game testers maybe would be good to post in the job board, or help me sections? https://rpgmaker.net/portal/community/

Thanks for the publicity, I'm out of words hahaha ^_^
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