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Tunnels of Doom Version 1.3.1 is out! + Taking a small break.

  • Waxius
  • 05/13/2018 04:31 PM
Hello Everyone,

I'm going to take a small break from Tunnels of Doom (for about three weeks), which I participate in the Seasons of RMN event. The challenge is to make a small game in three weeks based on one of the seasons. So I want to do that while I think about the next phase of Tunnels of Doom.

I released the latest updates early, even though chapter 2 is only partially done. I wanted to add the battle system improvements, the king dialogues, and the boss battle in story mode chapter 1.

The biggest time suck in this update was updating 300 or so maps in the story mode forest dungeon. But I think it looks MUCH better than it ever did before:

Here's the rest of the updates:

Version History - Tunnels_of_Doom_1.3.1 5-13-2018

This is a major update over the previous on from months ago. Story mode Chapter 1 now has a boss battle! The entire forest dungeon has had a facelift with picture overlays and weather. Here's some more updates:

-Game Engine Change. Now the game is on the Steam Version of RPG Maker 2003. (Legal and Legit!)
-Updated the Map Background to 256 indexed color palette, better color and resolution.
-Updated the Level Pictures in the Camp Room
-Rations are now consumable during camp and there's no penalty for turns.
-Camp Title for Riverway Forest.
-Boss Battle in story mode chapter 1
-Weather events in Chapter 1 forest dungeon.
-A notice when you make a critical hit.
-The King appears in the camp room if you have rescued him.
-Auto-Eat Rations once you have 99 or more.


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A lazy teenager's spirit in a mid 20 adult's body
Congratulations!!!! That must've been a hell of a workload. Go ahead & take some rest!
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