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Game Development
Tunnels of Doom RM2K is a work in progress, however any releases uploaded to RMN will be stable and fully playable. All development efforts are my own. Graphics are mostly RTP, some are borrowed from images found on Google. I claim no rights to any graphics/music in the game. I will happily give credit to anyone who graphics or music was borrowed once they become known to me.

Even though I am not a graphic designer, I do my own editing using GIMP to alter and create tilesets, objects, and characters as needed.

What's coming
Classic mode requires 7 more levels, a ton of monsters, weapons, items, etc. There's a lot more to be programmed.

Story mode needs 5-6 more chapters with an engaging story. Right now chapter 1 is complete, but the characters are at best 1-dimensional.

You can view a live board of all planned features, bugs, and story idea's here:
Tunnels of Doom Trello Board

Random maps, random treasure, random everything!

Once of the aspects of the original Tunnels of Doom that I so loved was that everything in the game was totally random. The dungeon maps were randomly generated, the monsters, treasure, placement of weapons, the effects of potions and scrolls. Most of the game was out to kill you, it was almost a 70% chance that anything you did would be bad for you.

In Tunnels of Doom RM2K, I have reproduced that same classic feel, with some new additions. You will find random treasure just walking in the hallways, different colored potions with random effects, 2 Types of monsters per room instead of one.

Pretty much anything that CAN be randomized in this game... IS randomized.