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Original by Koki
Translation by vgperson

Hong Meiling, rehoning her skills under a new mentor. A Shanghai doll, coming home from an expedition to the moon.
Mokou Fujiwara, investigating a series of kidnappings. Cirno, fighting to be the strongest.
Youmu Konpaku, determined to take back Hakugyokurou. A fuzzy Kedama, who one day encounters a crow.
A nameless fox, wandering the west. Seven heroes of their own stories, all across Gensokyo. But... what is it that makes a hero?

Now it may have been a while since this game was released, but I'm only putting it here to get a bit more attention.

As you read, this is a crossover between Live-A-Live and Touhou. Completed in 2008 and translated by vgperson, this can really show what you can do with RPG Maker 2003.

Custom RPG System: An stand-out feature is the faithful (and event heavy) representation of the Live-A-Live battle system, including its 7x7 grid design.
7 Different Chapters: Play as Youmu getting by her home and master, Yuyuko, from the depths of the underworld, or play as Shang, a living doll made by Alice on the way back home with perils in every corner. You can even play as an Kedama! A KEDAMA!
References Galore: Nuff said.
Hidden Bosses: Some of the chapters have some really strong secret bosses. How you may deal with them is an surprise.

This is really what RPG Maker 2003 can do with enough work and time. An beautiful creation from Japan (why did I forgotten to mention that?).

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/twb96m5aqax9vde/TouhouALive107.zip

(Sorry for the random zombie fairies. I don't actually have any screenshots of the game.)

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This game is getting severely slept on judging by the # of downloads. VGPerson has translated dozens of unique and high-quality games across multiple genres for english speakers. He first crossed my radar with his translation of Hero and Daughter for steam, which became very popular.

If you are a Live-A-Live fan, there is no need to read any farther, DOWNLOAD NOW; I never finished playing through the whole SNES original but after playing through 4 of 7 first chapters in Touhou-A-Live I have seen enough to know it is a worthy homage. Secrets and multiple endings abound. The game is stylisticallly unique, and as noted in the OP, really showcases the power and diversity of RPGMaker.

I should note the difficulty in parts of the game can be high, so consulting some resources like Let's Play TouHou a Live on youtube or this blog might be a good idea. In some respects, I am desperately hoping this game becomes popular enough to get some full English walkthrough translated, otherwise it will be very difficult for me to reach my personal goal of 100% completion. For example,I have read that the Netherworld chapter has 3 possible endings. The original Live-A-Live had hidden gems like an invisible secret superboss Mammoth (with non-guaranteed rare drops) and you can expect similar craziness. On a final note, I was not previously familiar with The Touhou Project, but after playing this game and another popular fangame The Genius of Sappheiros, I am starting to take more of an interest.

... Someone is regretting not leveling up more before challenging the secret boss.
A lazy teenager's spirit in a mid 20 adult's body
Hello! It seems this game is related to vgperson right? I advice you to put direct links to the autors and collaborator´s webpages, as in the intro for the witch´s house (another game related to vgperson) when it was uploaded on rmn as well https://rpgmaker.net/games/7039/

You did wrote (Original by Koki, Translation by vgperson), you´re not stealing any original content, but having those links makes way easier to get more information about the authors and their other games you see.

EDIT: This is a better example https://rpgmaker.net/games/6889/

Well, I don´t really mind it that much, more than that it´s great that u uploaded the game here, so thanks for that ^_^ don´t worry!

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