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Full game download: http://www.mediafire.com/?kbog2rz53wj

Plot Synopsis
"All my life I longed to leave my farming village, I wanted to see what was out there. The outside world seemed so wonderful... or at least at the time it did. Little did I know I would get more than I bargained for."

Mokensen: The Swordsman is a story about Taite Winchester's dream of a better life. Due to several tragic events in his childhood and early teens, Taite has became sick of his hometown, Whitnell. He wants to leave, and see what the outside world is like. When he does leave, he is thrown into situations he could never have imagined. Meeting several friends and making some enemies along the way, Taite's determination is tested in his journey to discover what the world is like.


Mokensen, a world of military unrest. The two major powers, the Stralian Empire and the Bondel Empire, have entered negotitations for peace between their empires. Despite the Stralian Empire's best efforts, the negotiations break down and it results in all out war between the two empires. However, day by day, the Bondel Empire gains a stronger and stronger foothold in Stralian territory. Puzzled, the Stralian Empire employs a special task force to investigate the mass upheavel of the Bondel's military. However, the task force uncovers something they would never have thought possible and discovers how the Bondel forces are winning the war so easily.


Taite Winchester:
Age: 18
Weapon: Sword
Bio: Born and raised in the isolated town of Whitnell. Throughout his childhood and early teens, Taite experienced several tragedies when his father was killed and his mother died from grief a year afterwards. His sixteen year old brother, Ken, left Taite and Whitnell when Taite was only 13 years old. Once Taite reached the age of 18, he decided that he was going to leave Whitnell, mainly to get away from the horrible memories of the place but also to explore the outside world. Upon reaching the North Whitnell Forest, Taite ran into two men, Rowen and Edgar, who reluctantly agreed to show Taite the outside world so long as he helped them. Even though he is starting what is going to be the hardest journey of his life, Taite is filled with optimism. Taite uses his physical strength more than anything else, so he has very little magic attacks.

Rowen Iverson:
Age: 23
Weapon: Bow
Bio: A mysterious man with a past shrouded in mystery, his deadly accuracy is useful against nimble enemies. Rowen meets Taite in the North Whitnell Forest when he is trapped by a river. He reluctantly agrees to let Taite travel with him into the outside world. After leaving Taite in the village of Kayen, it is revealed that Rowen is travelling with Edgar to find a way to close up Pandora's Box, which was opened up by his and Edgar's mistake. He also knows Taite's brother, Ken, and manages to lure Taite to him.

Edgar Anderson:
Age: 25
Weapon: Two-handed Sword
Bio: An experienced warrior who has trained under the command of one of the best warriors in the world. Edgar meets Taite for the same reasons as Rowen. Edgar is easily aggrovated and commonly uses violence to sort out his problems. He has a close friendship with Rowen. They both are searching for a way to close Pandora's Box, which was opened by their mistakes.

Gwen Clarke:
Age: 17
Weapon: Staff
Bio: Formerly a part of a travelling circus troupe. Her knowledge of Black Magic is a great asset when fighting elementally weak enemies. Gwen meets Taite when she is stranded after missing her ride back to the Stralian Continent. She travels with Taite to the Stralian Continent and when she cannot find her missing circus troupe, she decides to travel with Taite, in hope of finding them.

Landon Philips:
Age: 25
Weapon: Spear
Bio: Well-known historian in Linarme. His reasons for being in Port Elru are unknown. He is on board the S.S. Elru when it is attacked by a sea creature and destroyed. His main job is studying in the royal library of Linarme. Interested in all of the world's mysteries, he travels with Taite to see the sights of Mokensen. However, there is something that he is not letting on about.

Naomi Wilkins:
Age: 18
Weapon: Staff
Bio: Well trained in all forms of White Magic, assisting on your journey. She is one of the very few who survive the S.S. Elru's destruction, along with Taite, Gwen and Landon. Travels with Taite until he reaches Linarme and she then returns to her church in the Linarme Castle. Believing that Linarme has lost the war with Bondel, she leaves Linarme with Taite & Co and decides to stay with him.

Ken Winchester:
Age: 21
Weapon: ???
Bio: Taite's older brother. From a young age, Ken dreamed of exploring the world beyond his village. His attempts to escape however led him to see his own father's death and watch his mother waste away a short while after. His younger brother Taite always looked up to him, and looked to him for guidance in those hard times. At the age of 16, he left Whitnell and his brother behind. However, in the 5 years he's been in the outside world, he's caused some major trouble...

Victoria Green:
Age: 18
Weapon: Polearm
Bio: Born and raised in the mining town of Harnate, Victoria has been hardened by the mining life. She is devestated when her village is burnt to the ground and attacks Taite & Co, believing they were the ones who comitted the attrocity.



Kyoto Kaduki


Jeremiah George


Mr. Bubble
Mr. Annoymous

Beta Testers

Dark Gaia
Oliver P.
Yarran G.
Riad C.

Special Thanks:

Dark Gaia for helping me with aspects of the game. SowS for creating the chocobo with rider sprite for me. All Beta Testers for helping me get all the bugs out of my game. B.E.W.D. for the logo and title screen!

Main topic for game: http://www.rpgrevolution.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=26354

BUG FIX 1.1: I've made a few tweeks, here and there, and I've created a new encrypted archive that should fix the gamebreaker bug, plus it's only a small 11 MBs.


Install Instructions:

1. Download the file.
2. Go to the Mokensen folder and delete the encrypted archive.
3. Copy and paste the new archive into the Mokensen folder where the old one was.
4. You're good to go =D

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I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
I played this a bit and it seemed, I dunno. Lacking. The intro really felt bland to me what with the fetch quest stuff.
Can you put on a download for a .zip file, but not on Mediafire or other's? Just on this website???
Get and use 7-Zip (it's free):

Install that, and you'll be able to extract rar files, so you won't need every game in a zip file anymore.

And what's wrong with MediaFire that you can't download from it? It works just fine for eveyone else.
I dunno. I doesn't load up.
Enjoyed it, decent story with a few twists and a not quite expected ending. Not a classic but better than a lot of offerings out there. Hope to see Mokensen 2 released.
I'd like to see a Mokensen 2 as well
I completed the game without beating Leviathan. It’s too strong and with all fighting and leveling up I only managed to get to level 9. What will happen if I beat it? Or at least how can I defeat it?
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