Outcasts indeed!

  • Sana
  • 07/09/2012 11:03 AM
After playing this for a little while, I got the feeling that not very much effort was put into making it. Anyway, I'm not going to lie..this was by far one of the worst games I've ever played. That may seem a little strong, but really it's pretty bad to say the least. This game inspired me to write up a review for it, so I'll be showing some of the good, and bad points~

To start out on the good, one of 'em would be this title screen. It's fancy, and appealing, though the white box displaying the name is a bit..unnecessary. If it were removed, then yeah I'd have nothing bad to say about it~

The main menu is something else that looks pretty well done. There's honestly nothing bad that I can say about it, as it shows all that's needed to be shown. And, as an added note, the spelling is fine considering that redwall isn't very fluent in English.

After these two points however, is where the good points unfortunately ended in my opinion. The dialogue shown more or less all throughout the game is pretty broken up, and sadly nearly illegible. Like I've just mentioned, English isn't redwall's first language, though maybe he could get someone to help him out with it, as the story is one of the parts that can either make or break a game. It's got potential to it, but how it is now isn't a good direction to head in.
Sorry, but I have to give the story a 1/5 as it brings out the very essence of the word Engrish, and I, personally couldn't grasp what the plot was about..

The mapping was another poor point to this game. Now, it wasn't bad sometimes, however alot of the maps I felt were either poorly constructed, or just empty. I strongly suggest checking out other games, seeing how they make their maps, and learning from it. See, if maps appear dull, or boring, then not very many people are going to be interested in playing a game. Good story + good maps = a good game that people will want to own~

I took these two screenies to display the differences between the outside of the houses, and the inside. Now, on the outside the houses appear quite to scale, maybe aside from the doors as they're usually used for larger houses. The inside of the houses is what bothered me a bit..since it's so epically huge on the inside which is impossible because of how small the outside is. Unless the characters actually shrink or something, but let's not delve too far into that. Making maps too large is a common beginner mistake, and I, being one myself not too long ago can sympathize on this. See, the thing is, that if maps are too big, then there's bound to be plenty of empty, unneeded space within a map. So, I have to give this a 2/5 for mapping, since it's not completely bad on certain maps.

Onto the music selection! Not my style, but maybe others might prefer it. Judging from the title, I take it this is supposed to be a sort of dramatic, traumatic sort of story involving outcasts, so try scoping around the net for some dark themed music, which I think would fit in quite nicely with this! The battle theme was actually pretty good though, and one of my favorite of all the songs found in this, so yeah I recommend keeping that one. I'm giving this a 2.5/5 as some of the music wasn't bad at all, though others just didn't seem to fit well.

Overall, this game seems like it might've been a tad rushed to have the "Completed" tag slapped onto it, and is in need of some desperate improvement. However! despite it's flaws, it entertained me long enough to keep treading on through it, and so it deserves a 2/5 from me~

Sorry if anyone reading this felt like I was rude in a few parts, but I believe I've said what needed to be said, as well as my personal thoughts on this. :)


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Why does this remind me of a certain troll game that got really popular for being what it was? Hmmm . . . Déjà vu!
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