Short, fun and an enjoyable experiance but need a little polish.

  • hkoz
  • 07/11/2012 04:58 AM
Here we go!
The game doesn't have a story i didn't know what to do at first, even though it was as obvious as the sun :P, but my mind sometimes just shutdown, anyway, a small explanation might have help.
I wanted to comment a little on the small scenes that where implemented in the game, if it was ok to call them that.
First was the scene from the grave stone. I had no idea what the hell was going on and I think the face-set changed there. A little work on that scene will certainly improve this game a lot.
Second was that lasted-for-a-minute-scene with the “underwear girl.’ I liked it a lot: It was hilarious. try adding a few more of these.
No score because there was no story, but the two scenes will give you 4\5 :P
(-.5 confusion, -.5 changing face-set)

-First puzzle: This was a very challenging yet enjoyable experience. I liked it a lot, but there was this little bug that bothered me a little. It was whenever you pump into one of those moving rocks; you restart from the check point, but the rock move route kinda gets a little crazy, which might have been a little annoyance to me because I had to pump into a few of them ,again, in order to be able to pass.
-Second puzzle: It was “weird but fun”. I think this is the proper way to describe it. And what made things even weirder was that “Scene” from the gravestone. I had no idea what was going on!(N.B. I liked it a lot, maybe because I have a weird taste :P)
-Third puzzle: This puzzle was one of the high points of the game, in addition to the 1st and 5th puzzles.
The shop-keeping system was very fun to play, and I enjoyed it a lot (even though I sucked at bargaining :P)
-Fourth puzzle: The best word to describe this puzzle is “mystery” because I had no idea what’s going on; I just kept pushing buttons like crazy. a little explanation on the next version, if there was any, will help clear this ambiguity.
-Fifth puzzle: This was very interesting and enjoyable experience. I liked it, but there was this small bug: before I enter this puzzle there was a message declaring that I have already finished it o_O. Maybe because I didn’t finished the forth puzzle before it.
Score: 3.5\5 (-1.5 Puzzle 3)

The graphics were normal nothing special except the 2nd puzzle, which was like I was in wander land the moment I opened that door. (But it was fun)
Something I noticed was the change of the face set sometimes, especially in the “scene” from the 2nd quest, I don’t know if it was intentionally or not, but hey who cares about that; it’s not like it matters.

Score: 4\5 (-.5 plain maps, -.5 lack of creativity)

The music was your ordinary RTP music, and fortunately it matched with the theme of the game.
Score: 4\5 (-1 using ordinary RTP files)

- little work on the maps especially the 2nd puzzle.
- try using non-RTP BGMs.
- Fix the 5th puzzle small bug.
-fix the face set problem.
-few hints for puzzle 3
-give some life to the character don’t just make him like a puppet. It will add to the fun of the game.
-a small story would add a lot to the game.


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Thanks hkoz, for the fantastic review! Your feedback is very much appreciated, and I will try to fix the bugs and glitches you pointed out. Just a few notes: the reason why I used RTP BGMs was so that I could keep the size as small as possible. It's a pity VX Ace doesn't seem to accept .midis anymore, which are much smaller in size than .wav or .ogg audio files. As for adding a small story to the game: I don't think I'll add anything soon, simply because my aim for this game was to minimize story elements wherever possible (which was part of its charm, hopefully).

Anyway, thanks for the review!
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It's a pity VX Ace doesn't seem to accept .midis anymore...

Wait, what? I know using the "Import" button doesn't "see" MIDI, but you can still copy-paste files of that type into the Audio/BGM directory.
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