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What's IRC?

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a medium through which many online communities like run chat rooms. By getting onto IRC you can meet and talk to many of the people from RMN in live chat!'s IRC channel is on network.

How to Join

IRC is absolutely free, but you'll need to get an IRC client to begin chatting.

  • Total Moron's Guide to IRC (using Mibbit) - a good place to start if you are completely new to IRC.
  • mIRC - The most popular option, mIRC is free to use, though you can pay to register if you like.
  • HydraIRC - Another popular client, though less so than mIRC. More popular with those experienced with IRC.
  • Colloquy - for Macs. Because Apple users need to feel special and unique.
  • Opera - this web browser has a built-in IRC chat client. Very convenient!

New users will probably have the easiest time with the Mibbit tutorial

For starting up in mIRC, you'll see an intro prompt with some dude's face on it. Wait a few seconds, then hit the Continue option to reach the login dialogue.

Enter as much information about yourself as you're comfortable doing. You'll at least need a 'nickname' or nick in order to connect to IRC, similar to how you would have to register a name on the site to get an account and do things. You can fill in more details such as your real name or e-mail address, but unless you're comfortable with giving that information to a stranger, you shouldn't write more than what's required.

After writing who you are, you need to write where you'll go (in the Servers tab within the mIRC Options dialogue.) Select the SynIRC network and connect to that. In case you can't select SynIRC from your options, you can give the address of the network as Click the Connect button and you should connect to the network in less than a minute.

The channel, or chatroom, of is called To join the channel, wait until you're fully connected to SynIRC (You'll be connected when you see a Message of the Day from the network), then type the command /join and enter it to join. You'll finally be in our chatroom after all this!

What Next?

In case you don't like your nickname, you can change it with the command /nick nickname you want. Eventually you'll want to register your nickname, so that people can identify it with you and nobody else can use it. To register a nickname, type /ns register password e-mail address.

Your e-mail address is usually unimportant, but your password is very important. Every time you log on and use your registered nickname, you'll need to give your password or your nick will be automatically changed. You can sign on with your password with the command /ns identify password.

When chatting with mIRC, you can use several commands to format your text for everybody who reads it. Type CTRL+U to underline or CTRL+B to bold, and type it again to remove the formatting. Type CTRL+K to color your text, using a comma and a second number to create a background color behind your text. Type CTRL+O to cancel all previous formatting. Bear in mind that all of this formatting needs to be on the same line as the text you want to format.

Eventually, you can use the mIRC help file (and the help of others on to set up special options, such as automatically identifying with your password and joining after connecting, rather than typing the commands every time. Or, you might be prepared to use a more advanced IRC client that provides a greater number of options and customization, such as HydraIRC.