How to Use: Parallax Mapping
A video tutorial on how to parallax map with Gimp. Tutorial uses Gimp 2.8 and Ultimate Parallax Control V1.0 by GDS. Shows how to make a map in Gimp and export it to RPG Maker VX Ace. Shows how to use script to make map work. Enclosed videos are better viewed on YouTube in full screen.
Lying to and deceiving the player
  • accha
  • 09/26/2014 01:46 AM
Most games are very clear and straightforward about the tone of the story and the nature of the characters, and so it's extremely easy to tell when people are lying to you and when you're going to be backstabbed. It's a given that the generic NPC will almost always tell the truth, and if they're not, there's always a flag for untrustworthy NPCs (shady speech habits, ugly sprite, etc.) This gives the sense that the creator of the game is doing as much as they can to "ease" the way for the player, to an extent, and let them have fun.
What exactly IS a dungeon?
Or should I say: What counts as a dungeon?

I've been playing around with an idea for game a little while. The game would not feature a world map, since I'd like to make the world feel larger and more connected. Because of not having a world map, there will instead be more maps like these:
Castles 2 Revival
The community SMBX game Castles Masterpiece Set 2 had been revived, and work has restarted on the project. The scope of the game has been reduced to a more manageable level. If you wanted to try your hand at SMBX (and get a piece of that sweet sweet makerscore), join now!
Trying too hard?
Gam Mak is fun, yes? It's fun making the maps, writing the stories, designing the battle system, etc. As time goes on and the game gets closer to completion, you realize just how much you believe in your game, and you want it to be great. So you put more thought, effort, and focus into fine-tuning the different parts. Maybe this forest map could use some more flowers? Maybe there can be a hidden item in one of these barrels over here? Maybe this cutscene should be rewritten so that it better conveys the tone it was trying to present?
Summer is over :<
The Summer Review Jam has wrapped up with the results from Week 9 posted. Thank you all for all your hard work and keep on jammin'! In the end there were 218 reviews posted to RMN over the summer.
Poking Buttons in Rpg Maker 2003
  • Ebeth
  • 09/04/2014 06:23 PM
Rpg maker 2003 for absolute newbies aka the tutorial I wish I had had

So over on my art blog I got a request for a basic tutorial for RPG Maker 2003 so I thought I'd re-post it here as well.

Okay so welcome to part 1 of this tutorial! I’m going to explain the basics of using rpg maker as a system (translation: imma tell you what all the buttons do). Part 2 will be focused on the art aspects and part 3 on actual programming.
Fundamental RPGology Results!
The results are here:

Gold: Azalathemad
Silver: Aegix_Drakan
Bronze: NeverSilent

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who took part in the contest!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Statisticians
All you need to know about last month's statistics is that there were 666 unique posters on RMN.
Fundamental RPGology Thread
The minimalistic battle design contest has wrapped up and a public discussion of the entries is underway. Many awesome ideas have been exchanged and more are certainly to come. Feel free to use this thread to discuss each other's entries, ideas that you could not implement, or anything else that could make a contribution to the discussion on how to improve, refine and expand the design of RPG battle systems!
Walking The Line: Development vs. Promotion
As amateur, hobbyist game devs, we don't have many of the advantages that AAA, AA, or even "indie" developers can leverage. Perhaps the most important thing none of us have at our disposal? A full time marketing team.
This is quite a short game, so the review won't be too long. I'll try ti be as detailed as possible. Also, I have to mention first that I haven't beaten the game due to its difficulty (or me sucking at RPGs).

What is ~alter perfect~?
Misaos Nominations
The Misaos are an annual award event given to indie games made in the RM community. Have you taken time to nominate your favorite games from 2014 (so far)? If not, do so now! It is as easy as clicking Nominate on the game's profile!
"Hello? Where is everybody?"
The Epidemic of Lifeless Towns

Populated areas that aren't…populated. It sounds kind of silly doesn't it? Unfortunately, from what I've seen, this is a problem that commonly plagues RPGs. I cannot count the number of times I've been playing an RPG and have encountered the following scenario:
Statisticians of the Galaxy
Another month, another round of stats. We've cracked 2.5 million downloads, Kylaila had to defend a lot of reviews (judging by her comment count), and speaking of reviews, nhubi is climbing the ranks fast!
An Oathguard Named Desire
I used to want to make video games.

Like just about everyone who has ever clicked New Project in any iteration of RPG Maker.

But now, sitting on the other side of the last 7 or so years of developing “Oathguard”--the game, the places, the people in my imagination--I have had to reevaluate my creative desires and goals.

Do I still want to make video games?

Did I ever?
Don’t Throw Away That 2k3 Just Yet
  • Addit
  • 07/23/2014 05:11 PM
With all this recent talk lately about some of the more prominent members of the RM community that have been long-time supporters of Rm2k3 in the past, such as calunio and TFT to name a few, suddenly switching sides, and with more and more VX Ace games and users coming out of the woodwork like some sort of a cheap American car dealership, it seems apparent that the once, great mighty relic of the past is now slowly fading into obscurity… Let us all now bow our heads in a silent prayer…
Help me find a job
The Help Requests & Resources forum has been split! Run-of-the-mill help requests now go into the Help Me! forum, while job offers, resource requests, and resource dumps go to the Job Board.
Design principles (vol. 1)
I tend to like thinking about game design. Articles such as Deltree's are the sort of things I read ravenously. But despite there being a lot of good writing on the topic*, not much applied to my case, so I figured I might as well start a series of discussions here.

* (among an infinite sea of meh writing; most game makers are not great at reflecting upon what they do)
Creating Vibrant Towns and Villages
Immersion is the key.

Hi guys! It's me with another mapping tut, taken straight from a forum where I'm no longer active. It's a nifty guide to creating towns and villages with a rich atmosphere.