How to Train Your Dragon in Stats
This month's batch of statistics are up. Notable things: we now have over 2000 downloadable games! We had over 700 different people post! kentona wasn't in the top 5 posters for the month!
Summer Review Jam!
Review games and get entered into raffles all summer long! It's that simple! Every Tuesday from July 8th to September 2nd I will be drawing a random user from the pool of reviewers of the previous week, and they will win a game from my Steam inventory.
Updates + Input?
Hey guys! I'm so glad to be working on this game again and done with that contest, you have no idea. Anyhow, a month or two ago I received some crit on the art in Ethereal Escape that made me think more about how I'd rendered the environments. I decided I needed them to look a lot more natural and began updating the graphics.
Always remember to floss every day.
I am utterly and deeply appalled by the lack of ANY reviews whatsoever for this game, considering the moderate hype I've seen for it (and considering it's a game that should be grabbing your attention) but at the same time this gives me first dibs on reviews for this game so yay for me.
How to write 300 words!
An informative article about how to pimp out your reviews

We have had a lot of discussion lately about people feeling that 300 words for a review is just too high and mentioning that they find it hard to find 300 words to write about. Thus, this article, giving advice on how to write 300 words (or more).
Surreal Sci-Fi Romp
  • amerk
  • 06/12/2014 03:15 AM
Here is a game that actually caught me by surprise. Like a lot of other games I’ve downloaded in the past, this one seemed to have been floating around my hard-drive, all but forgotten amongst the 300+ other titles I’ve downloaded over the last several months (and years) and have yet to play, until I recently saw a brief Youtube playthrough and decided I had to give this one a go.
Fight Club: Blackmoon Prophecy II Edition
  • UPRC
  • 06/06/2014 03:29 PM
Do you want to see Zephyr and friends perish at YOUR hands? If you said yes, then we may be able to arrange just that! I'm growing closer and closer to the part of the game where the arena appears. With the approach of how I'm going to make it work taking a very different direction from the first game, I want some encounter ideas!

Do you want a character/monster from your own game to appear? Or do you have an idea for an original character/monster who could show up?
Days of Future Stats
The monthly statistics are up, and the trend of making lame puns out of current movie titles continues. The big news is Pom Gets Wi-fi has reached over 1 million views! That's pretty amazing.
Interview: Artbane talks Games As Art, Commercial Pressure, Labyrinthine Dreams
As part of my interview series, I'm speaking to prominent developers/contributors in our RPG Maker Web community to gain insight on their inner workings. Today we speak to Artbane, one half of the Solest team that created the epic seven-chapter superhero saga Master of the Wind, the hugely promising demo of X-Noir, and most recently the dark moody puzzle-adventure game Labyrinthine Dreams, which launched a successful Kickstarter to the amount of $6,000, and is now available in Steam stores for $3.99USD.
Game Making Contest!
The 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest is a month-long competition encouraging all aspiring game developers to make their dream game using any engine for a chance to win huge prizes, including cash ($10,000 Grand Prize), exposure and critical acclaim. This contest begins May 29th and full contest details can be found at
Humble Bundle: RPG Maker
June is National Game Development Month (NAGADEMO) and the teams at RPG Maker and Humble Bundle have assembled an unprecedented collection of game development tools with the Humble Weekly Bundle: RPG Maker. Pay what you want to unlock awesome RPG Maker tools and help a great cause!
  • Amy
  • 05/21/2014 01:04 PM
Covering all sorts of contests, games, and websites, the Advanced RPG Maker eZine series offers a comprehensive snapshot of all things RPG Maker!

This second issue of the Advanced RPG Maker eZine looks at inspirational places both online and in the real world. There's also discussions on game mechanics and a review of Reap and Sow!
Something New, but not yet Impressive.
  • Sviel
  • 05/21/2014 12:58 PM
tl;dr Play it. You'll have some fun and experience a genuinely unique game. Part I here contains light spoilers and is an overview. Part II consists of bugs, my notes while playing, etc. There's no rating due to being a demo, though it would currently come in as a 2.5 or so. Overall, there are plenty of interesting concepts here, but they're hamstrung by some poor design choices. That sounds fairly I'll get right into detail.
Paradigm Shift
Hi, y'all. Just a quick update. We've added someone else to the submissions team to help out: Liberty! Welcome her with open arms!
Let's Draw a Pass-Off Comic!
This will be a Pass-Off comic. Basically, I will do a page, then the next person will get the page I did. That person will do a page and pass off ONLY THEIR page to the next person, and so on!
The Optimal RM2K/3 Number Guide
  • Craze
  • 05/14/2014 10:36 AM
The point of this guide is to explain how 2k/3 works by default, and then how to optimize it so that you can better balance your game. You'd still be better off using VXP, but if you're in the middle of a 2k/3 project and wish to renovate it, follow this topic!
Okiku, Star Game
Okiku, Star Apprentice is the kind of game that you want to play when you have a short coffee break and want to kill some monsties. It took me just over an hour to complete. Its ambition is not to shoot for the stars, but to create a fun little diversion with neat mechanics and a cute main character. If that's all you're looking for in a game, then you're all sorted downloading this title.
The Amazing Stater Man 2
At the beginning of each month, we post all of the site's updated statistics. There are all sorts of lists in this thread: users are ranked by Makerscore and number of posts/reviews, games are ranked by views and downloads, and so forth. Where do you rank?
Final boss: super hard or not?
Should the last boss be super challenging - a legitimate final obstacle before you get to see the ending? Or has the player already achieved enough by getting there, making the boss simply part of the epic eye candy of the ending? Join the discussion!
Event Deadline Extensions!
Hey, guys. The deadlines for Castles: Masterpiece Set 2 and The Last King of Hyrule have been extended! Now's your chance to contribute awesomeness to these SMBX collaborations!