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It's great to see a game from Calunio featured. Back when I joined RMN he was one of the prominent developers with an interesting take on the engine and a very analytical reviewer. We still chat about his games from time to time, because their themes are completely different and their mechanics original. Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer is one of his better known games. I would say that gameplay mechanics reflect your avatar well. This game's about sadism and torture. If you're interested in this dark twist on dating sims, you can read a proper description and download it here.
RPG Maker Cola - Episode 001 (FT. JOSEPHSERAPH & FROGGE)
It’s a chill space where we get together skilled developers from the RPG Maker community to chat cordially and occasionally non-cordially about game development, game design and probably a whole bunch of unrelated other stuff, too!
A short thought dump on procrastination.


Why you should stop doing and start not doing! (But not really.)
A discussion about how you, personally, map. Hosted by Altered.

This is NOT a map help or critique thread, if you even mention a tile error I am coming for you.
Every post you make, every screen you take, I’ll be watching you
Steamed Review but it's by Frogge
Just read this goddamn review.
RM Historia aims to go through the RPG Maker games that time has forgot and provide context behind the communities they were made in. It also dwells on the connections prevalent in our media in order to try and better make sense of this fast internet high-way.

Secretly it's just an excuse to post screenshots/video coverage and keywords of rm2k/3 games for the giant search machines to latch onto.
One of the finest puzzle games on the site
Grimps: Squeaking of the Dead is a truly astounding game. From its graphical presentation to its animations to the way the developer Momeka presents a storyline without words, everything is quality street, baby. If its prequel, Grimps: A Christmas Puzzle, was an interesting diversion (I would rate it around 4 stars), this game is a strong and definite improvement on every level.

This action-puzzle game is a dodge-game Franksteined with your traditional tile-based puzzle, and it's actually really great.
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Hello and Welcome!
This is another entry in now regular series of interviews on The goal is to further promote RMN's featured games and creative minds behind them!
There's no time to be chasing river streams or looking at chavs in cars, because it's time for the Monthly Stats!

There's a new second place in the MS count. Oh no! Liberty in danger!
Hey! So, EasyRPG Player 0.6.0 is out. Now with 120% battle support!
It is this time again! After 30 months since 0.5.0 we present you: The next major release: 0.6.0 "Preemptive Attack". As the codename tells you already: This release focuses on battles and battles were always really lacking in EasyRPG Player – until now.

There is a huge changelog at
Best Event of the Year and other 2018 shout-outs!
The year is coming to a close and while the Misaos are starting to get heated up and ready to cook, there are some things they don't cover. Nevermind, though! Cap has got them covered for you!

Discuss what you think were the bests of the 2018!
[Devlog] Endgame
Hi everyone, it’s time for another devlog entry. Probably this is the last devlog of 2018, it’s been almost two years since the first entry of Ciel Fledge Devlog…

Development Status
What’s going on with the game? Is it still being developed? When is the release date? Me and the team understand that these are probably the questions you have been thinking regards to Ciel Fledge.
Puzzle on the Rocks
Grimps Squeaking of the Dead is a cute puzzle game made by Momeka with RPG Maker 2003, which means that no scripts were used to make this game. The result is admirable.

If you're wondering how to best develop a very good puzzle game with any RPG Maker, then you should definitely take a look at this game and try to do it like this, because Momeka knows how to make a proper puzzle.
Why does equipment in many modern RPGs have level requirements?

A cynical and nostalgic designer might imagine that perhaps it's some sort of skinner box or other psychological manipulation, created to get players to play the game even when it's not actually fun to do so, like loot boxes or daily quests.

However, the opposite is true.
Carrot Town Walkaround Video + Trailer Stuff
Hey guys! I wanted to start off by saying thanks for all the support I've gotten since the trailer dropped. (and if you haven't seen it, check it out here!) I genuinely appreciate all the comments I've gotten since then, and hearing what you guys think of Happup so far is what keeps me motivated to working on this project.
Today's piece is about completionism and how game developers should design their games with regard to players who "want it all".

"Oh no, I'm missing that one side-quest item from back in that dungeon that one time. I'd better go get it... Wait, where's the chest? It was here before! Wait, you mean when I triggered that cave fall that one time it blocked my ability to get that chest? But how am I going to get the reward from that quest?! What about my sweet, sweet loot?!"

Had that happen? Ain't it a pain? This article examines these issues in games. Go read~
Rewarding Player Skill
I feel like I should save this for the monthly update, but I'm too excited about this to keep it to myself.

After countless hours of testing and watching other people play the game, I noticed a disturbing trend for Mia's party: there is an optimal flowchart of skills you can choose that lets you get through battles without much thought. For example: When an enemy uses Miasma Charge, always have Amalie use Piercing Light to cancel it, regardless of what other skills players have that grant various bonuses against charged enemies.

More disheartening, no one ever uses Mia's Rush stance. Ever. It is this problem that I will be addressing with this blog.
I've got a bad feeling about this
The next round of stats are (finally!) up. We somehow lost 12 articles, Heartache 101 is slowly climbing the categories' ranks, and a lot of people have a lot of lockerfiles.
To Infinity and Beyond!
The latest round of stats are up and available. We are approaching a cumulative download count of 5 million games downloaded! That's pretty amazing for a little niche website populated by hobbyist game developers.
You Should Play Vindictive Drive
  • Notoh
  • 04/02/2018 01:58 PM
Vindictive Drive is an action and stealth game created by Balthasar02 (Secret Society Games) in the RPG Maker VX Ace engine. The game centers around Arris Fern, a revenge driven girl who is bent on avenging the death of her mother, and the traumatic childhood she was forced to endear. Throughout this journey you meet lots of people who are not only relevant and necessary to know more about the story, but that also helps Arris grow as a character.