Why does equipment in many modern RPGs have level requirements?

A cynical and nostalgic designer might imagine that perhaps it's some sort of skinner box or other psychological manipulation, created to get players to play the game even when it's not actually fun to do so, like loot boxes or daily quests.

However, the opposite is true.
Carrot Town Walkaround Video + Trailer Stuff
Hey guys! I wanted to start off by saying thanks for all the support I've gotten since the trailer dropped. (and if you haven't seen it, check it out here!) I genuinely appreciate all the comments I've gotten since then, and hearing what you guys think of Happup so far is what keeps me motivated to working on this project.
Today's piece is about completionism and how game developers should design their games with regard to players who "want it all".

"Oh no, I'm missing that one side-quest item from back in that dungeon that one time. I'd better go get it... Wait, where's the chest? It was here before! Wait, you mean when I triggered that cave fall that one time it blocked my ability to get that chest? But how am I going to get the reward from that quest?! What about my sweet, sweet loot?!"

Had that happen? Ain't it a pain? This article examines these issues in games. Go read~
Rewarding Player Skill
I feel like I should save this for the monthly update, but I'm too excited about this to keep it to myself.

After countless hours of testing and watching other people play the game, I noticed a disturbing trend for Mia's party: there is an optimal flowchart of skills you can choose that lets you get through battles without much thought. For example: When an enemy uses Miasma Charge, always have Amalie use Piercing Light to cancel it, regardless of what other skills players have that grant various bonuses against charged enemies.

More disheartening, no one ever uses Mia's Rush stance. Ever. It is this problem that I will be addressing with this blog.
I've got a bad feeling about this
The next round of stats are (finally!) up. We somehow lost 12 articles, Heartache 101 is slowly climbing the categories' ranks, and a lot of people have a lot of lockerfiles.
To Infinity and Beyond!
The latest round of stats are up and available. We are approaching a cumulative download count of 5 million games downloaded! That's pretty amazing for a little niche website populated by hobbyist game developers.
You Should Play Vindictive Drive
  • Notoh
  • 04/02/2018 01:58 PM
Vindictive Drive is an action and stealth game created by Balthasar02 (Secret Society Games) in the RPG Maker VX Ace engine. The game centers around Arris Fern, a revenge driven girl who is bent on avenging the death of her mother, and the traumatic childhood she was forced to endear. Throughout this journey you meet lots of people who are not only relevant and necessary to know more about the story, but that also helps Arris grow as a character.
It's about time
The latest round of stats are up. Somehow kentona has taken over top spot in makerscore despite not doing anything. Also, we now have over 4000 game reviews! Check them out now
REMINDER: You need to have a new download added for the site to acknowledge your game as available for nominations! Just updating an existing download won't actually be counted, sadly.

19 Completed games this month, with 15 Demos. A small fall from last month, but not bad! Keep up the great work peeps!
Stat Panther
Where kentona manages to post more than Liberty.

Dreaming Mary and Pocket Mirror are on over 500 playlists each. Kind of amazing, really. It means that 1000 people took the time to register an account, find the gameprofile, and click Add to Playlist.

Nothing on RMN is very convenient. You should be proud of whatever accomplishments and milestones you've achieved here.
RMN Valentine's Card 2018
Hey, this is a sequel to RMN Christmas Card 2017, which is a fan sequel to YDS' Rmn Christmas Card 2009 and Midsummer Dreams 2010.
RMN Valentine's Card 2018
Hey, this is a sequel to RMN Christmas Card 2017, which is a fan sequel to YDS' Rmn Christmas Card 2009 and Midsummer Dreams 2010.


I did not explain this well enough last time, apparently. Basically, this is a community game with people from rmn making cameos. You don't have to do anything, basically, you just tell me what you want to say in the game and I add you in.
A list of the games released in January that can be nominated for the 2018 Misaos.

32 Complete
22 Demos
15 Banana Recs

Who will you nominate?
An interview with KoopaKush
An interview with KoopaKush, creator of Lakria Legends.

The latest victim of my seven years running (average of one per year!) interview series is KoopaKush, creator of Lakria Legends, RMN's pick for Game of the Year 2017.
New Year New Stats
The stats from last month are now available. We are less than 300,000 downloads from 5 million total downloads. That's pretty unbelievable! The Welp forum tumbled down to 4th spot in posts in the past month. That, too, is notable. Check out the rest of the stats.
Have you considered being more interesting?
Some thoughts on garnering an audience.

Remember when simply having a finished game was enough to propel you to Rockstar Status™ in the RPG Maker community? Don't worry if you don't. That hasn't been the case for years now, maybe even a decade. But I remember. I've been around for a very long long (long) time. Too long, perhaps. So long that my opinions and advice are dated and non-applicable. But here they are anyway.
Star Wars: The Stat Jedi
Over 2000 completed games. 6 games now with over 1 million views. Monthly posts are way down. A lot of people have 10,000+ makerscore. All this and (slightly) more in this months stats topic.
Progress Report:- Fifth Edition
So this week I promised we'd look at some monsters, and I followed protocol and thought I would share with you a few implemented ones. There is also just a lot to report this week in general so brace yourself.
H E A R T B E A T makes a beat!
A new game on here has managed to garner the attention of PCgamesN with the moniker of 'Most Promising'. Check it out here:

HEARTBEAT is a cool looking RPG in development by Shepple, pringle and Sils.
The end of the universe
The latest rounds of stats are up. Go get 'em.

We are closing in on 5 million cumulative downloads (wow!), and have over 3000 games with a download (2012 of which are completed). That's a lot of games to play. And wonders of wonders, Game Design & Development had the most posts last month!