Judge Boss Battle Submissions
Ladies and gentlemen, we have nine entries total. I have zipped them together into one 130 MB download. Judging is done by you. Yes, if you're reading this entry, that means you. You have three days.
Community Spotlight Interview: Rastek
Following the repeated interest in the community for developer interviews, Solitayre decided to try his hand at it. How did it turn out?
Help a fella out...
Our request blogs are withering. They rarely seem to generate any activity, or more importantly, the help that the developer needs. Can you guys lend a hand? I am looking for ways to increase their visibility.
Grave Flowers: Rock Paper Shotgun
Rock Paper Shotgun has featured Wither on their blog. Adam Smith describes it as " RPGmaker game that combines Gameboy stylings with a FOREBODING JOURNEY INTO THE DARK HEART OF MAN"
You have obtained many reviews!
The best games are those for which there are no words, and too many words, all at once.
Since being featured, Wither has received 3 new reviews!
Boss Battle Design - Knowledge is Power
We get a lot of mapping contests around here. We get lots of events to spur people to create art, or music, or writing. Oddly, though, there aren't many contests where people design gameplay. So this month, let's do one!
Frost in November to hold a duck...
...The rest of the winter is stats and muck.
The November edition of the RMN statistics are compiled and posted. Our games have a combined view total of over 21 million views!
(Inter)National Game Development Month
To win NaGaDevMo, you have to put in 60 hours of game development during November. We all know how important the community is in helping you stay motivated, and the more people in the community, the better.
Nintendo Community Fangame Convention
I submitted a booth application to the all-online NCFC and we were approved. The convention has just started and the FFE RMN page is our booth :). I'm gonna try to get some new media previewed here on RMN.
RPG Maker 20XX Engine - Doing Our Part
A lot of you may know about the RPG Maker 20XX Engine, a replacement for the old RM2003 runtime engine being developed by WolfCoder. While WC isn't on RMN anymore, I think this project is bigger than just one site.
I don't know how it happened...
Finding Eden by Sailerius and Hirei has been featured on the front page of recently as a freeware game pick. Congratulations! This game was made in less than a month for a contest.
Pain is the most intimate form of relationship
Archeia_Nessiah steels her nerve, fortifies her will, and braves the tortuous game that is Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer. Did she make out with her sanity intact? (hint: no). This review is not for the faint of heart.
Free, Funny, Fantastical
Tales of the Drunken Paladin has been featured on the new Official RPG Maker Blog! "It’s fun, entertaining, and a great example of what you can create with RPG Maker."
This candidate made the crowd very euphoric
This October 8th, Rio de Janeiro held the biggest Video Game convention in Brazil: Brasil Game Show. calunio's game Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer got 2nd place in Best Indie Game category!
Mario's Mansion
This is a short collaborative event project wherein we create Ghost House levels in SMBX. I will then judge and critique the levels and compile the best levels into a game called Mario's Mansion.
RMN Game Roundup - 3rd Quarter 2011
These are the games with a download added between July and September 2011. Some notable highlights are I'm Scared of Girls and I Miss the Sunrise.
Dry your barley
Collect your stats in October, or you’ll always be sober.
The monthly round up of statistics is compiled and ready for viewing. This is the first round of stats since the Makerscore values were revamped.
RMN 2011 Summer Games results!
After a heavy night of debating between Calunio, Max McGee, and I, we've at long last have the results for you. In the following weeks me and Max will be writing up articles on our reasons. So to keep it brief here are the results.
Manor Map Madness
MaMaMa is a community mapping event where you are assigned a room in a haunted manor house and map it out, making it as atmospheric as you can. At the end all the rooms will be stitched together to create a spooky manor house!
PC Gamer featurette
The PC Gamer magazine has a short feature on RPG Maker games. Congrats to Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis, Starless Umbra, One Night: Full Circle and Professor McLogic Saves the Day for getting featured! (online) (pic)