RMN 2011 Summer Games results!
After a heavy night of debating between Calunio, Max McGee, and I, we've at long last have the results for you. In the following weeks me and Max will be writing up articles on our reasons. So to keep it brief here are the results.
Manor Map Madness
MaMaMa is a community mapping event where you are assigned a room in a haunted manor house and map it out, making it as atmospheric as you can. At the end all the rooms will be stitched together to create a spooky manor house!
PC Gamer featurette
The PC Gamer magazine has a short feature on RPG Maker games. Congrats to Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis, Starless Umbra, One Night: Full Circle and Professor McLogic Saves the Day for getting featured! (online) (pic)
Make a trailer!
The launch of RMN4 and all the nifty new things (especially the new media thingamajig where you submit and get makerscore for making completely superficial things related to your game) calls for a celebration.
RMN4 has launched
With a revamp of the layout, a few tweaks and a few additions, RMN4 has arrived. Now, this may not be the drastic overhaul that you were expecting (or perhaps hoping for!); it is more of an augmentation.
Where have the podcasts gone?
Podcasts are so 2004. Now, you can submit your own Webcast to RMN. Submit a new Article, select the Webcast category, and use the new MP3 tag (or the youtube tag) to link to your webcast. The old podcasts will be converted.
Did you miss the sunrise?
Mellytan has written a excessively verbose glowing review of I Miss The Sunrise - and this game deserves every word! If you like obscure references, clever witticisms and quotes from dead celebrities, read on!
September blow soft till the stats in the loft
The monthly round up of statistics is compiled and ready for viewing. We now have 3 games with over 10,000 downloads!