A brief interview with PentagonBuddy and emmych, creators of Free Spirits
The latest victims of my notoriously sporadic interview series are PentagonBuddy and emmych, creators of Free Spirits and winners of the 2015 IGMC RPG Maker Engine Award.
The latest subject of my extremely inconsistent interview series is Razelle, the creator of Grist of Flies and winner of the 2015 IGMC RPG Genre Award.
  • Sgt M
  • 11/06/2015 10:17 AM
With the advent and release of RPG Maker MV, many of us are excited about the long-awaited return of sideview battles. The idea of seeing our characters on the screen again, fighting monsters with more animations than ever before is an exciting one.

Of course, RPG Maker MV also features the classic frontview battles that we know and love. Even if you have a personal preference of what you like to see in RPGs, ask yourself this: “Which style is best for my project?”
On the 7th and 8th of November we will be holding the MVLypics! Using the new RPG Maker MV engine, we will be holding a series of events.

All of the events will be small scale, so don't worry that you might not have enough time - even joining in by doing one event is fine! And it'll be fun, too! There will be something for everyone, no matter your talents!

Sign up now!
Ladies and gentlemen, we've reached the Top Floor!
Yeah, that's right! Some of you old comers who played the original know what I'm talking about, but for those who don't: the Top Floor is the last Floor of Castle Oblivion. Everything I've worked on has led up to this point!

During my absence, I was able to finish 1 Floor each week + the stuff that happens in between, as well as some optional stuff. All I can say right now is that we're getting close.
What is a Game Page?
So. Despite the various topics, articles and information that is written on the site people still get confused about some aspects of game submission. Mostly it's the features presented, but sometimes, especially in the case of new-comers to the site, it's the actual procedure of submitting a game and how, exactly, it works.

That is what this article will cover. And hey, I figure I might as well write it since I'm currently manning the Submission Queue. Why not, eh? I mean, obviously three different topics just aren't enough, so one more couldn't possibly hurt!
So. It's been a while.
I've been asked this before by several people, so I thought I'd explain things. This is the story of how I got here. I'll make another post about the Ara Fell remake another time. This isn't about the remake. This is about why I'm remaking it.

Fair warning. It's a little sentimental.
The October edition of stats are finally up. New stat this week: tracking the number of games in the different statuses. 3spooky5me
And how to get on that Best 'o Blogs list
Ever since Liberty introduced the 'Best of Blogs' feature a few months ago, I figured it would be a good idea to write about how one goes about creating a decent blog post ( not to blow my own trumpet, but I am a fairly good blogger around here with over 160 blogs to my name ^^ ). And to get on that list yourself too!

  • Addit
  • 10/05/2015 07:59 PM
Good day, ladies and gentlederps. The name is Professor Know-It-All. And I’m here today to teach you all about the secret art of game making and general game design. You can just call me “The Professor” for short, considering that’s what most people call me around here. For the next ten minutes, or however long it takes you to read all of this, I will be sharing my wisdom of many years of game making experience with you all.10/05/2015 07:59 PM
Devlog 63: Damn bugs, why won't you die?
When it comes to game development I more or less appreciate and share odblood’s transparent approach. I don’t want to hide everything that’s not going so well and just put up this perfect front as some sort of tip of an iceberg.

So I released the first demo of the game to a tester last week. To say that the reception was underwhelming would be an understatement. There were a *lot* of bugs present and other technical problems.

Bot Round-up!
As some of you (most of you) may know, last/this week saw us fending off a bot invasion of ... well, quite a large scale actually. The invasion went on for a few days, with quite a few topics posted in the forums (well over 600 by my last count). After some quick and fast patching we (anky~ ^.^) finally got it figured out and we've yet to see the bastards return. Yay for anky! Yay for sticky-tape!
Two Years on, and only 6% complete.
Seems I can't even take a break for two weeks before getting inundated with PMs.

But I guess it was a sign that I needed to come back and start posting on RMN again. The break, while brief, re-fueled my enthuasism for this project, to a point where I've made my biggest and best designed town in a long, long time and did a bit more--
McBacon Jam 2 Post-Mortem
Ok, so a lot has happened and McBacon Jam 2 has ended. Successfully? I suppose that depends on the metric it's being measured by. If by number of turned in entries, then its been a flop more or less. By the experiences people have had? That sounds far more acceptable of a metric to go by. The thing is though, some things need to change, and must change for this to do anyone any good.
What a horrible night to have a review.
Barbarians and the Necromancer's Tower is a 2D side-scrolling platformer adventure based on the 8-Bit classic Castlevania.

The game casts you as a randomly-named, Conan-esque Barbarian who has no use for things like clothing or morals. There's a necromancer who lives nearby, he has gold, and the barbarian wants it.
Dev Blog #2: Cowboy Coffee Ain't Safe Drinkin'
  • ESBY
  • 09/10/2015 04:19 AM
Number two of ehhh. Last time I talked about the project's history through various stages of development, today I'll talk about gameplay and stuff.
Objective perfection?
  • NTC3
  • 08/29/2015 06:42 PM
Subject is another of those games that I downloaded a while ago, and then forgot all about it until recently. Scrolling through the Downloads folder, I decided I might as well give it a try. The results, as it happens, utterly surprised me. I’m not sure if I can call it the best, but Subject is certainly the most polished title I’ve played in a long time.
Stop using ImageShack
So recently we've come across a lot of adverts in members' avatars, and even on gameprofiles. The common theme? The image is being hosted on ImageShack. My guess is that ImageShack is replacing "old" images with advertising behind the scenes. Stop using ImageShack.
Let's Slack together!
Since RMN has made the jump over to Slack (a conversation client for groups and businesses - basically a chat room) charblar wrote an article about how to join Slack and the features you can expect to find there.

The name for our Slack room is rpmmakernet. Read this here article and jump on in to join us!
Pixel Quilt Logo
This is a much belated announcement letting you know that the Pixel Quilt: Logo Edition has been completed! I mean, we've only been at it for a YEAR, so...

Great job everyone and thanks to Sooz for organizing it (and keeping at it for so long)!