Bikillx2 ATK
Upperx2 DEF
Focusx2 INT
Speedupx2 AGL
Heroicx2 ATK, DEF, INT
Weak/2 ATK
Sap/2 DEF
Discord/2 INT
Slow/2 AGL
Inept/2 ATK, DEF, INT
InvisbleImmune Physical
BounceReflect spells
IronizeImmune Physical, reflect spells, can't act
HappyGain HP/Step
PoisonLose HP/Step
PoisonLose HP/Turn (monster only)
RegenGain HP/Turn
ThaumaGain MP/Turn, Lose HP/Turn
SleepCan't Act
SleepmorCan't Act
NumbCan't Act - persists after battle
LaughingCan't Act
SuroundReduce ToHit to 5%
Wolfmanx2 ATK, no control
Wolflordx2 ATK, DEF, no control
Werewolfx2 ATK, AGL, no control
Weremagex2 ATK, INT, AGL
Ghostx2 ATK, INT, attack enemies randomly, Immune Physical
Berserkx2 ATK, attack enemies randomly, 50% To Hit
Ragex2 ATK, AGL, attack enemies randomly (monster only)