Basic Items
Medicinal HerbHeals 35 HP10
Antidote HerbCures poison8
WolfbaneCures werewolf status35
Moon HerbCures numbness15
Hide HerbInduces invisibility300
Life HerbRevives fallen ally100
Wizard PotionRestores 15 MP50
Warp WingReturns to previously visited area75
Warp WhistleEscapes from a dungeon75
Life AcornIncreases MAX HP by 5200
Mystic AcornIncreases MAX MP by 5200
Strength SeedIncreases STR by 5200
Stamina SeedIncreases DEF by 5200
Intellect SeedIncreases INT by 5200
Agility SeedIncreases AGL by 5200
LadderUse to span gaps in special areasN/A
TicketGain access to the Funhouse!100
Tiny MedalAn ancient precious medallionN/A
Blaze ScrollCasts the Blaze spell100
Blazemore ScrollCasts the Blazemore spell300
Blazemost ScrollCasts the Blazemost spell500
Firebal ScrollCasts the Firebal spell100
Firebane ScrollCasts the Firebane spell300
Firebvolt ScrollCasts the Firevolt spell500
Icebolt ScrollCasts the Icebolt spell100
Icespears ScrollCasts the Icespears spell500
Snowstorm ScrollCasts the Snowstorm spell300
Blizzard ScrollCasts the Blizzard spell500
Bang ScrollCasts the Bang spell100
Boom ScrollCasts the Boom spell300
Explodet ScrollCasts the Explodet spell500
Zap ScrollCasts the Zap spell300
Thordain ScrollCasts the Thordain spell1000
Heal ScrollCasts the Heal spell100
Healmore ScrollCasts the Healmore spell300
Healmost ScrollCasts the Healmost spell500
Alchemy Elixirs
TonicHeals 50 HP2
RestorativeHeals 120 HP2
EtherRestores 20 MP2
ElixirHeals 2500 HP/MP2
Gas PotionDoes slight poison damage to a group2
Iocane PowderDoes severe poison damage to an enemy2
Sleeping PotionPuts an enemy to sleep2
Love PotionInduces chaos in an enemy2
Concussion BombInduces numbess in an enemy2
Rainbow DropInduces heroism in an ally2
Oil PotionDeals slight fire damage to an enemy2
Exploding PotionDeals heavy fire damage to a group2
Quest Items
Silver KeyOpens silver metal doorsN/A
Thief's KeyOpens sturdy wooden doorsN/A
Ornate KeyOpens ornate purple doorsN/A
Jailor's KeyOpens jail doorsN/A
Magic KeyOpens magic doorsN/A
Cobra Club Member CardCertifies you as a member of the CobrasN/A
Fake Cobra Club CardA poor forgery of a Cobra Club cardN/A
Dilithium CrystalRecharges teleportalsN/A
GemstoneA valuable gem10000
Fool's GoldA worthless gem2
Golden PickaxeAn ornate ceremonial pickaxeN/A
ForaminiferaAn incredibly rare sandstone crystalN/A
Foraminifera CureA potent antidote to a rare afflictionN/A
Wand of TransformEnchanted wand that can restore polymorphsN/A
Child's ToyThe favorite toy of a small boy in VegetaN/A
Fresh FishFreshly caught fish from the seaN/A
Gnomish ScepterAn ornate golden scepter from the gnomesN/A
PantaloonsA nobleman's pantsN/A
Emperor's InvitationAn open invitation to visit the Emperor of JomonguN/A
Magic LampIt's actually just a regular lamp...N/A
Mirror of TruthReveals the truthN/A