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Okay if your trying make unique game what would you do, would stick with characters given to you, or would make custom characters and try to break you game creation software or test its limitations. I just asking is there way to make giant monster or pet without shrinking it -> doesn't sound to bad.
hey could you send me like possible animal template sample, I have go from that to possible idea. No I am not going copy it just idea I trying figure out, see I could use states: but when I think about animal picture on it what size would that be on there, I can't really think of it. If animal is giant dog versus RPG character not sure...something with giant dogs and animal with comical faces that would help me.
I am not going go by shadow and light details that is so boring.
Can custom State Overlays be added to the original & be properly selected to use on
the States tab in the database?
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