Sound files use for creation.

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  • 05/10/2017 06:25 PM
1) THE MATCH-MAKERS (*This website is written in Japanese.)

2) I got permission to share the sound files. (here at rmn)

3) User must read and agree "readme_EN.txt" (inside zip) if they want to use the sound effects.

Credit: Osabisi, don't claim them as your own.

It can be used for commercial/ non-commercial projects.

Terms of use
You can use my sound library (wav/ mp3/ ogg) for your creation with less restriction.
I want help your creation because I'm one of indie creator!

1) You can publish and sell your product that include my sounds.
And You don't need to email me when develop or publish product.

2) I don't want money or any other repayment.

3) You can use my sounds for any type of content.
Fun, Business, Education, Satire, Mature, Adult and so on.

4) Credit my name is optional.

5) You can edit my sounds.
(e.g. rename, change pitch or gain, material for making new sound)

You must promise the following.

a] I'm not abandoned all of copyright.
You must use my sound files for your part of creation.
Don't distribute sound files only.

You must email me and get permission if you want distribute sound files only.
(It's include edited sound files.)

b] You must write source of sound files in documents
when you enter a public contest to avoid law trouble.

c] I don't care any trouble with handling my sounds.


Q: Price free?
A: Yes, I want no money. I'm making and distribute sound files since 2001
and no money trouble. And I promise no trouble in future.

Q: These sounds are made by yourself?
A: Yes. All of sounds edited or recorded myself.

Q: Who are you?
A: I'm OSA, Japanese indie creator.
main work is making sound effect and 2D dot sprite.

Any other question? I'll answer you.

email : m3(a)
-> please replace (a) to @ , and don't use HTML email.

I can read and write English. But please write mail subject in Japanese if you can.
Because I may delete your email misunderstanding to spam.
Example, "効果音". Copy and paste to subject.

Or copy and paste "Question about Your Sound files".

I'll reply on 2-3 days. If you can't get reply, your mail may misunderstanding to spam.
Please check your mail subject and text format and resend it.

Download below V


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  • 08/03/2022 07:04 PM

OSA Sounds

Sound pack includes- birds, bombs, bone, books, bushes, buzzers, cans, cars, chainsaws, chairs, chimes, cicadas, cleaner, clocks, crashes, coin, construction, counters, deaths, door, eating, fadeout, fires, footsteps, guns, mini guns, heartbeat, hits, insects, lasers, lightnings, mechas, metal hits, minds, open, phones, powers, placement, projectiles, quiz show effects, rains, rivers, room, scratch, shakes, slashing, sliding doors, sonics, stationary, stones, swings, switches, teas, traffics, umbrella, whistles, windows, woods

File format: wav/ogg | Total of 206 sound files


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Very good sound effects. If I use them on my commercial or free projects I will credit you for sure!
Thanks! :)
Thanks a lot for posting this! There's a lot of usefull sounds, i'll sure save for later projects.
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