Retro Geemu's OST - 5 NES-style .ogg tracks for your retro needs!

  • Mirak
  • 06/15/2017 07:38 AM


8-Bit Chiptune Tracks
(NES Style)

This is the soundtrack of Retro Geemu, available for you to download and use in your own projects. Inspired by music from the NES era, these retro tracks will transport you back to 1985 with their faithful reproduction of the NES soundchip.

These tracks come in .ogg format, and they were looped using the OGG Vorbis Loop Point Technique, so they will seamlessly repeat over and over in RPG Maker (tested using VX Ace).

Download them below, and please credit me if you use them, notifying me would be a nice gesture, but don't feel obligated to do it.


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  • 775
  • 06/26/2022 06:49 AM

Retro Geemu's OST

Contains the following tracks:

Title Screen.- Main Title Screen Theme.
Town.- A happy, upbeat town theme.
Dungeon.- A somber theme for a dungeon.
FakeTitle.- A short track intended for use as ME.
Owl.- A BGS of an owl, used for silent night scenes.
WishingFairy.- A melancholic character theme.
MissingFound.- Ending theme.