Character riding a horse

These sprites are based on hiddenone's tall sprite base images, please credit her as well when using these.

The horses are entirely whtdragon's work and are from here. Her resource pack contains several recolours of the horse. Again, please credit her if you use the horse.

My part in this is creating the clothing / armour / harness and editing the base sprite into a riding position.

Ready to use graphics

How to use these
Walking images are normal character sprites.
The galloping horse has 4 frames, and needs a script to use. I used the "Victor Engine Character Frames" plugin to produce the example.
To switch between galloping and walking images, you can use a common event with parallel processing like this:

◆Change Actor Images:horse test 2, None, MVhorse-altcolors_run[f4](0), None

◆Change Actor Images:horse test 2, None, MVhorse-altcolors_walk(0), None


You'll also want to change actor images when the player gets on and off their horse, unless they spend the whole game mounted.

How to edit

Layered images for GIMP are included in the resource pack. GIMP is a free image editor, and can export to other formats if you prefer different tools.

If you want to draw your own clothing, use these base images as a layer with one of whtdragon's horses:

The rider has three frames. For the galloping horse, the rider in frame 2 and 4 are the same except for positioning.
Clothing layers can be copied between the walking and galloping images and dragged into position.
Note that the galloping horse has 64x72 frames as well, compared with the 48x72 of the standard and mounted walking tall sprite.


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resource pack

Resource pack for editing.
Contains XCF (GIMP layered) images for convenient editing, as well as the base and completed images shown on the resource page.