Character sprites for some of the RMN mascot submissions

In the autumn of 2018, there was an event to create a site mascot or "Gijinka" in the creative corner subforum.

I made character sprites out of a few of them so that you can feature them in your games.

From left to right, top to bottom:
Aremen (based on a character design by Hunibear)
Gammak (based on a character design by Dudesoft)
Golem (based on a character design by Dwart)
Remina (based on a character design by Testament)
Slime knight (based on a character design by Visitorsfromdreams)
Tskuri (based on a character design by Roden)

These sprites are in a 48x72 frame, which can be used natively in MV. They can be used in other makers if you scale them down and reformat. For the most part the characters fit within 64 pixels tall so should fit a 32x32 tile if scaled to 50%.

In addition to the sprite sheet above, the download zip contains:
* A "faceset" cropped from the concept art, for dialogues, menus etc.
* GIMP files with layers, for editing of the sprites.
* An archive copy of the concept art (C) the artists listed above

Please credit me, the original artist for their character design, and hiddenone for her tall sprite bases.


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  • 01/17/2023 10:41 PM

Mascot pack