I made 2 random Window skins. I hope that they are nice.

There's a bit of backstory behind these so I'll just tell you quickly. The red/white one was for a horror game I was gonna make (may still make it), and the starry/hearty one was for a Kirby fangame I was gonna make (also may still make it). The red one looks kinda ugly and only really fits with an intensely pixel aesthetic, the poppy one is hit or miss but also fits with a pixel aesthetic.
I hope someone likes em'.

White/Red Window Skin

Pop Window Skin


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Ohyeah I forgot. Anyone can use these in any type of project, even commercial ones. I'd like to be credited, but its no biggie if you forget to.
Also, on the red one I modified the text colors. There's only 4 colors.
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