Resource pack made for the Pa-lette's make event 2020

This is a collection of resources I made for the Pa-lette's make event (the team name was Berry Delight, so I decided to name the pack Berry Nights). The only restrictions were the limited colors usable, anyway if anyone wants to use the resources I created, feel free to do that. Being credited would be welcomed, but it's not mandatory (I just had fun doing that). Feel free to modify and tailor everything, since I know that the few colors used can be a limit.

What can you find in this pack?
- one set for Berry Burton that includes Charset, Battler and Facesets
- two extra (female) Charsets with Picture
- a (totally original) monster, the Berryton!
- some screens for title, a background and game over
- a window skin

Download Link:Berry Nights resource pack by RmkAddict

Everything was made for Rm2k3 and tested before being uploaded.
Here's some (resized) samples of the items you will find inside this pack.