RPG Maker 2000 battle graphics formatted for RMXP

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  • 10/04/2020 05:05 AM
Some scale work are involved to fit in with RPG Maker XP.

Animations are scale 2x with nearest neighbor. These animations are suitable for projects with pixel aesthetics.
Contains- Arrow, Axe, Barrier, Bite, Blow, Breath, Buff, Claw, Dark, Debuff, Earth, Explosion, Fire1-2, Holy, Ice,
Other, Paralysis, Recovery, Resurrection, Spear, Sword1-2, Thunder, Treatment, Water, Whip, Wind

Battlebacks are in two image format: jpeg/ png (25 images total)
Bridge, Desert, Downtown, Dungeon1-5, Forest1-2, Grassland, MountainPath,
PoisonSwamp, RockyArea, Ruins, SandyBeach, Sea, ShipDeck,
Shrine, Sky, Snowfield, Space, StrangeSpace, Throne, Wasteland

55 monsters are included with 20 actor battlers. (10 monsters are part of actor battlers)
I added a thin outline around monsters to look sharp on battlebacks.

Monsters- angel, bat, black knight, cerberus, chimera, cockatrice, dark elf, demon god, demon lord, demon,
dragon knight, dragonA, dragonB, familiar, gargoyle, ghost, giant scorpion, giant spider, goblin, golem, griffon,
harpy, hornet, hydra, king, knight, kobold, kraken, lich, lizardman, magician1, magician2, medusa, merman, mimic,
minotaur, monster fish, mummy, ninja, orc, pirate, queen, reaper, skeleton, slime, snake, treant, vampire, warrior,
warrior1, warrior2, werewolf, wisp, wyvern, zombie

Actor battlers- angel, king, magician1-2, ninja, people1-8, pirate, queen, soldier, thief, warrior, warrior1-2


Terms of Use
- If you own a copy of RPG Maker 2000/2003- you can use them for RPG Maker projects.
- Free to use in non-commercial and commercial projects. Editing is allowed. Credit "Enterbrain"

Note: I bought a copy of RPG Maker 2000 during humblebundle sale.


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There's 4 folders- actorbattlers, animations, battlebacks, monsters


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Thanks for your resources. I am Happy to Be here.
This works so well! In particular, the images used for the battlers work great!
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