Some music I made back when I was still dedicated to having original music in my game.

  • Strak
  • 09/26/2021 05:53 PM
Good day!

I posted in the welcome section earlier this week, and I got a response asking to share my creativity. So, here it is. A small list of songs I wrote about a year ago.

These tracks were made in a very very old and outdated version of GarageBand on a thirteen year old MacBook with a broken screen that would turn off if it was held at the wrong angle. They were my first real attempts at writing music, and while I enjoyed the process and am fairly proud of the work I'd done, I ended up letting go of the music writing process when I discovered some higher quality royalty free resources that I could use instead. I might go back to writing music again, if the community can make use of these. I may even take on some requests if someone is really interested and I have time. I am by no means a professional, but I hope someone can get some use out of these.

They're free to use for any project, commercial or otherwise. Give credit if you want, but I won't hound you for it. A lot of the tracks should loop naturally.

And by all means, I'm open to feedback.

Breath of Caeli
Winter Serenity


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  • 11/27/2023 06:12 PM

Compiled Tracks

Just a zipped folder with all the tracks included for ease of downloading. Simpler than downloading each individual track separately.