Music intended for a thickly forested area

A piece that's moderately dark, foreboding, and maybe a bit mysterious. Prominently features bass flute, dulcimer, and a solo french horn on melody, with accompaniment featuring nylon guitars, claypot/udu percussion, sublte string section chords, and fretless bass.

The file was made back when RPG Maker XP was the standard, and as such is intended to be played on loop as-is, with no need for special loop points.

Since this song is so old (I made this back in 2007), I am okay with it being used for commercial game projects.

Software used, for those curious:
Sequencer - Cakewalk Home Studio 4
Bass Flute, Strings, and French Horn - Garritan Personal Orchestra 2
Guitars & Percussion - Garritan Jazz & Big Band
Dulcimer, Fretless Bass, Kalimba - GeneralUser SoundFont (played through RGC:Audio SFZ Player)
Claypot / Udu - a SoundFont that I no longer know the source of


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Forest Music


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Can this be used for commercial? I can't see any TOS.
Haha, whoops! Yeah, its fine. I should probably edit that in.

When I first joined here I thought it might be dubious for this to be used commercially, since some of the freebie soundfonts I used are of unknown origin, but thinking about it, I'm pretty sure that a) nobody is going to care, and b) that would only be a problem if I tried to make money off the song, and not if someone made money off a game with the song in it.
Wow thats really nice.

What program did you create the song ?
1 month+ late response but here it goes...

I made this in 2007, so I can't remember exactly what I used, but I think it was Sonar Home Studio 4.
The bass flute, french horn, string section, and pizzicato string sounds are Garritan Personal Orchestra; the guitar and percussion intruments are Garritan Jazz & Big Band; the udu/claypot (deep "boip" sound) is a freebie SoundFont (I don't remember who made it or where I got it); the remaining sounds are GeneralUser SoundFont.
This sorta sounds more like desert or mountain music... maybe prehistoric, but not a forest in my opinion, love it though! It's really relaxing I put it in my gamer and previewed it so it wouldnt have to be restarted lol
Or maybe it's for a prehistoric forest on a mountain near a desert! ;-)
It's really pretty I like this! How should I credit this?
- Edit -
never mind just missed that part lol I'm such a ditz sometimes.
sounds like its better for an egyptian crypt or something, just what I thought
Who knew people would find this song suitable for such a wide variety of scenarios lol

Time to change the title to "music for a prehistoric forest on a mountain near a desert where an egyptian crypt lies"
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