A set of quartz dungeon tiles and other dungeon oddities.

  • Liberty
  • 10/08/2014 05:19 AM

Conditions of Use
Do not share these on other sites unless you receive my permission first.

If you wish to use these graphics in your game, please credit me (Liberty) in your project or project text.

For a commercial project you MUST legally own RPG Maker VXAce and credit Enterbrain, Dejica and myself somewhere in either the credits of your project or project text.


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Although I know that these tilesets were probably carefully planned, I can't shake the feeling that they were randomly hued to some extent. They are amazing tilesets and I'll make sure to credit you and PM you if I ever use them.
Thanks for sharing these with us Liberty!
The crystal walls that are different colours (red, green, pink) were but the rest weren't. I made a lot of different iterations before deciding on these ones. Glad you like! >.<)b
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