Resource Source Info
JS SaGa Style tileset 2 "Ascent"
Tiles created for the team game "Ascent" !
10/01/2016 11:26 PM
Phantasy Star 2 Sprite Template
Template for sprites based off Phantasy Star 2's style
09/30/2016 05:37 AM
Ambient Menu Theme
A nice Calm Theme For Your menu
Engine Independent
09/06/2016 10:50 PM
Tiger-Gal Sprite
An anthropomorphic tigress for VX and VX Ace
08/16/2016 02:59 AM
Rachel's Icon Set~
An 80-sprite icon set of various weapons, armor and items
08/16/2016 02:51 AM
Everything Is Brown 2k Chipchaps
Four chipsets for RM 2k and 2k3
06/29/2016 09:22 PM
Misc Charsets and Chipsets
Resources made for various community projects
06/22/2016 11:16 AM
16x16 charset and chipset
For your classic retro look
06/22/2016 10:38 AM
Final Fantasy style Flan
A hand drawn Holder type battler to use in your Final Fantasy fan game
06/21/2016 10:19 AM
Gameboy Resources
2 tilesets that use a gameboy pallete.
06/15/2016 04:26 AM
Mario Sprite
A Mario sprite to use in your games. (+Sunglasses!)
06/09/2016 05:18 AM
Elysium OST
Soundtrack of the RPG: Elysium (CC BY)
Engine Independent
06/07/2016 09:06 AM
JS_Actor - Alchemist
An alchemist bustset with expressions and faces
Engine Independent
04/20/2016 08:05 AM
Jo's Original Sketch Facesets!
5 original sketchy facesets and busts!
Engine Independent
04/18/2016 02:04 PM
JS Actor - Witch (portrait/bust)
Created for Carolyne, but y'all can use!
04/18/2016 02:41 AM
JS - Lightning Stream I - MV ver.
facesets from the RMXP RTP! And some monsta!
04/15/2016 01:19 AM
JS - Lightning Stream I - 2k ver.
All graphics done through the Lightning Stream, free to use!
04/07/2016 02:53 AM
Sci-Fi Soldier battler
I like this one.
03/18/2016 12:09 AM
Animated Battlers
Animated Battlers using the Holders format
03/07/2016 06:15 AM
Sun Hat Sprite
This Sprite, which i made myself, is for the sprites found on Geocities Looseleaf
03/06/2016 05:07 PM

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Facesets, tilesets, battlers, monsters, artwork, animations and the like.
Music and background sounds for use in your game
Sound Effects
Sound effects (pretty self-explanatory, right?)